WWE Survivor Series 2012: 3 Possible Ways Big Show-Sheamus Match Could Play out

Bill Pivetz@@BPiv_SportsCorrespondent IIINovember 6, 2012

WWE Survivor Series 2012: 3 Possible Ways Big Show-Sheamus Match Could Play out

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    Big Show won the World Heavyweight Title from Sheamus at Hell in a Cell and the two will battle again at Survivor Series as Sheamus will invoke his rematch clause.

    At Hell in a Cell, Big Show used his size as an advantage over the champion throughout the match. Sheamus showed some resiliency by kicking out of the WMD. He later set up for a second Brogue Kick, but Show moved out of the way and connected with another knockout punch to win the title.

    Big Show enters his second reign as World Champion as a whole different man. Show was a babyface leading up to his first run as champion. His reign didn’t last long as Daniel Bryan cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase immediately after Show won.

    This title reign should benefit both Sheamus and Big Show.

    I don't think Sheamus had an impressive run as champion. His comedy feels forced and doesn’t click with me. He shouldn't be a face to begin with. However, losing the title should force him to ditch the laughter and focus on recapturing the title.

    Big Show is much better as a heel. A man of his size should be booked as a superstar who cannot be beat, not a crybaby begging for his job.

    With that being said, their match at Survivor Series should be another good big-man match. I see Big Show retaining the title, but it could happen a few different ways.

Sheamus Knocked Out and Can’t Continue Match

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    Big Show has gone from face to heel so many times, it’s hard to keep track.

    However, Big Show is now being booked as the dominant heel like he should. His knockout punch is a move that fits perfectly with his character. It can come out of nowhere and leave his opponent immobilized.

    To make Big Show a credible champion, he needs to defeat some big names in convincing fashion on his way to a long title reign.

    The perfect way to do that would be to have Big Show knock out Sheamus with the WMD, leaving him unable to finish the match.

    The non-finish will accomplish two things. Big Show continues his powerful reign as champion heading into the New Year, and as a result of not technically losing, Sheamus saves face and most likely receives another title shot.

Big Show Wins Clean

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    There are too many heels in WWE who cheat to win and CM Punk is at the top of that list.

    Big Show does not need to be one of those heels. He is a big man with unmatchable strength. WWE has booked him as being able to knock out his opponents with a simple right hand.

    He weighs over 400 pounds, yet can move around like a cruiserweight. Show’s arsenal of moves ranges from a military press slam to a running spear. This wide range of moves keeps his opponents guessing on what he is going to do next.

    There is no reason for Big Show to use a chair or a sledgehammer to defeat his opponents. A man of his stature already has an advantage over his opponent; using a weapon makes Big Show look weak and he shouldn't be booked that way.

    This is why Big Show will choke slam Sheamus, pin him 1-2-3 in the middle of the ring and walk out Survivor Series as the World Heavyweight Champion.

Interference from Paul Heyman

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    There have been many rumors about a Paul Heyman-led faction as the New Year approaches.

    It’s been a while since the WWE Universe has seen a successful heel faction. The last one I can remember was Evolution. There have been others, like La Familia, but not as successful.

    I believe it is time for another dominant faction. Teaming up with CM Punk and Heyman, Big Show would be a perfect fit as the muscle for the group.

    The way this could work is if Heyman makes his way down to the ring while Sheamus is on the verge of winning. Sheamus would be distracted by Heyman’s appearance which will allow Show to capitalize and retain his title.

    I know I said that Big Show doesn’t need to use weapons to retain his title. However, Big Show will gain even more heat if he aligns himself with Heyman and Punk.

    Both Punk and Show holding the top titles plus having the mouthpiece of Heyman could only lead to big things.