2009 NCAA Tournament: Locks, Upsets, and Cinderella

Matthew SmithCorrespondent IMarch 16, 2009


We now have the official bracket and the debate has began. Whether it be the SEC getting only three bids and none higher than an 8-seed, or that Memphis got a two-seed.

This college basketball year is full of parity, and everyone will flood schools and offices with bracket pools and predictions.

Here are a few thoughts that could help you win that money this year.


Actually I have two of them for this tourney

1) Pittsburgh—With DeJuan Blair anchoring this team along with Levance Fields, who can dish the ball out, and Sam Young, who averages nearly 19 a game, make this Pitt team a force to be reckoned with, and will most likely still be dancing come April 4th.

2) Memphis—Now they may not make the finals again this year, but Calapari will have his Memphis team ready and angry that they did not get a one-seed. They may not have the stars from last season, but Tyreke Evans has done a great job at point, and Memphis probably has the easiest path to the Elite Eight of any of the top eight seeds.


No fancy elaborations on these; just simply the games that I have marked as games to watch for the upset.

First Round:

(12) Arizona over (5) Utah; (12) UNI over (5) Purdue; (11) Utah St. over (6) Marquette; (13) Portland St. over (4) Xavier

Second Round:

(8) LSU over (1) UNC*; (12) Arizona over (4) Wake Forest

*Assuming that Ty Lawson has not returned

Cinderella of the Year:

Utah State is my pick to be the George Mason, or Davidson, of the year. Simply because they are a very talented team that no one knows anything about because they play in the west, and east-coasters have gone to sleep when they play.

Saying that, they also do not play on TV ever, but have fought this season to get 30 wins, and a WAC championship. Look for the Aggies to at least get to the second weekend of play in the tournament

All I have left to say is have fun with your brackets... that and don't be like Digger Phelps who is the safest picker I have ever seen.

Good Luck everyone, and Happy March Madness!