Mets Have Better Representation Than The US Government

Joe NoaCorrespondent IMarch 15, 2009


The Mets are doing a very good job representing themselves to the world. Certainly better than what the US government is doing.

It looks like each important game, with the exception of Asia's teams, has shown a Met performing well.

Last night's 11-1 Puerto Rican victory over the United States showed good representation from the Mets for both teams.

Carlos Beltran showed why he is a five-tool player playing center field for Puerto Rico. Carlos hit a home run shot that you can only see when the Space Shuttle lifts off. He played his great defense and even stole a base.

Carlos Delgado has been hot throughout the tournament. Even Nelson Figueroa did not hurt his chances making the Mets team with his performance. His curve was tight and kept the US players off balance.

On the US side, David Wright is showing why he is the star that he is with his hitting and defense. J.J. Putz came in relief and showed his strong arm. There is no concern about his ability to set up K-Rod.

Speaking of K-Rod, Venezuela was ahead of the Netherlands with two outs and threatening in the bottom of the eighth inning. K-Rod was called in and shut the door with his change up, curveball, and fastball. He had batters' knees buckling and just shaking their heads with his nasty stuff.

Pudge Rodriguez is not a Met but he went three for three. He was spraying the ball to all parts of the field and had a magnificent command of the pitching staff.

Tony Bernazard said Pudge would be a good fit for the Mets but there is an issue about Ramon Castro's contract. Like Castillo, Castro cannot be traded. The Mets would have to eat a huge part of his contract to trade him and make room for Pudge Rodriguez. He may still be worth getting if the Mets are going to dominate the NL East.

Tonight's game between Mexico and South Korea features Oliver Perez pitching for Mexico. Oliver Perez has good stuff. His problem has always been his consistency. I call him a bi-polar pitcher. You just never know which Ollie you are going to get.

The Mets are well represented in the WBC and one of these Mets may have a huge impact on which team wins the WBC.

I know Omar Minaya is taking it all in and feeling pretty good about this coming season. I can't blame him watching all the Mets players doing well.

After all, they are doing better than the US government.