Women's College Soccer Player Smashes Opponent in Face Twice with Throw-in

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So that clash between Amherst and Colby women's soccer teams really got out of hand. 

Thanks to a recent college soccer game, we now know that the number of times a player can get smashed in the face before controversy sets in is exactly two. 

Deadspin reports on this D-III match between Amherst and Colby wherein Amherst defender Emily Little hit Colby midfielder Maddie Tight in the face with a throw-in ball, twice. 

That's exactly one more than a plausible accident. 

As you can see, Little tosses in a ball and smashes her opponent in the dome, much to the shock of the crowd. 

Still, it's very easy to consider this just a horrible throw. 

That's when the second throw happens, and it's a big one. Little winds up and just blasts the ball off Tight's noggin, sending the midfielder to the ground. 

We could chalk this up to Little being the worst aim in sports since Tim Tebow was actively tossing footballs around the field. 

Well, we know better, and so do the officials: A yellow card was assessed. Deadspin points to this play-by-play account to investigate exactly what went down. 

Amherst was up 1-0 at that point, which makes this a possible use of time wasting, albeit a rather painful one. 

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