WWE News: Jack Swagger at Tonight's Raw Tapings Sporting a New Look

Chris FeatherstoneFeatured ColumnistNovember 5, 2012


After a two month hiatus, Jack Swagger appeared today at the Monday Night Raw tapings in England. However, he does not look like the Swagger that the WWE Universe is used to, as he is sporting a new look with longer hair and a beard (via Wrestling Inc). No word if he will actually appear on the show.

After a successful tenure in WWE's developmental territory—formerly known as Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW)—Jack Swagger quickly made his presence felt in the now-defunct ECW, becoming the brand's champion after just four months.

Swagger was drafted to Raw after his ECW stint, primarily focusing on capturing Kofi Kingston's United States Championship.

He defeated Santino Marella on an episode of Raw to become a competitor in the Money in the Bank match. In a surprising shock of events, Jack Swagger—one of the biggest underdogs in the match—won the match, and cashed in the briefcase the same week against Chris Jericho to win his first and only World Heavyweight Championship.

Unfortunately, after a less than stellar three month reign, Swagger began to experience a fall from grace after his loss, bouncing around from the midcard division to tag-teaming with Dolph Ziggler.

When he and Ziggler split up, Swagger's win-loss record started to heavily favor the loss column, with the exception of a minor spark by defeating then-US Champion Zack Ryder in January 2012.

After his US title loss to Santino Marella in March, his career reached its lowest point, even going on a three month losing streak from June to September. Realizing that his career was going nowhere, Swagger decided to leave Raw to do some proverbial soul-searching.

It would only make sense for Swagger to return as a babyface. He may not reach Kurt Angle proportions, but his wrestling ability is superb, and as we have seen many times, he could (and will) exhibit some excellent wrestling matches. He could benefit in feuding with names such as Damien Sandow, Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett, and the Big Show—among others.

Or, the WWE can keep him as a heel where he receives a very short push just to eventually be fed to Ryback.

Do you think Swagger should return as a babyface, or remain a heel? Comment civilly below.

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