WWE: Has Jack Swagger Requested His WWE Release?

Gone Baby GoneContributerNovember 5, 2012

Courtesy TV, MSN
Courtesy TV, MSN

This one has been running around the web for a few hours now.

As it's believed, "The All-American American" Jack Swagger may have requested his release.

The biggest concern here is the source. The news is coming from a parody Twitter account that tends to be accurate when it comes to backstage WWE news.

According to WrestlingInc.com:

As noted earlier, the @CrankyVince Twitter account recently suggested that a WWE Superstar requested his release. The account followed up yesterday by posting the following: "WELL F*CK JACK SWAGGER AND HIS REQUEST. WHO THE F*CK IS JACK SWAGGER?"

The account has leaked sensitive information in the past, which has caused WWE officials to grow concerned that the account is administered by someone within the company, or with close ties to Vince McMahon's inner circle.

At this point, this is still just a rumor and who knows how accurate it is, considering WrestlingInc.com also reported:

Jack Swagger is in England for tonight's WWE RAW. No word yet if he will be returning to TV. Here's a photo of Swagger sporting a new look since we last saw him on RAW.

Ultimately, if Swagger did ask for his release, it has yet to be granted considering he's a part of the UK tour. I, for one, wonder how legit this report is. Especially considering Swagger has been off of WWE TV for some time now. Don't forget, when he was on-air he was in the midst of quite the losing streak. One might even say that he became a glorified jobber.

In the end, Swagger hasn't been the same since his World Title run. I personally believe that the WWE anticipated him to be a better champion and receive more heat then he did. Ultimately, Swagger was too vanilla and his mic skills were sub-par. However, it appeared he was set for a mid-card push,when he was paired with Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero.

Sadly, there was more focus on who Guerrero was romantically interested in than on matches in the ring. Overall, Swagger is a solid wrestler who needs a mouthpiece to get him over. Don't get me wrong, he is in the big leagues and needs to show it. However, there have been many stars before him with the same issue who managed to come out on top.

I guess only time will tell if "Cranky Vince" has scooped the Internet with Swagger's WWE demise.