Pacquiao vs. Marquez and the 10 Biggest Robberies in Boxing of This Era

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Pacquiao vs. Marquez and the 10 Biggest Robberies in Boxing of This Era
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Boxing, probably more than any other sport, is unfortunately known for having some of the worst official calls and decisions.

One of the reasons is because if a fight goes the full distance to a decision then it is up to three judges to score the bout in what pretty much is a very subjective manner.

From personal bias to just plain corruption, a boxing judge can totally alter the outcome of a fight so much so that many fight fans and media may be quick to call that decision a robbery.

These robberies are overall bad for the image and reputation of the sport of boxing and for the most part, fight fans and media feel betrayed and even disgusted when a clear blatant robbery has taken place right before their own eyes.

A robbery is when one fighter clearly wins a huge wide unanimous decision of about nine rounds or more, but gets screwed when the decision is announced and his opponent who clearly lost gets awarded the decision win.

Other top boxing journalists expressed to me that a robbery can also be other things.  For example, after Pacquiao vs. Marquez III, one journalist told me, in his view, when a highly favored fighter loses to a big underdog in a fight where most do not give that underdog a chance, then that is a robbery.

I disagree with this definition of robbery, for I view it more of an upset than anything.

Another related term to this discussion is the term gift as in a gift decision. A gift decision often is awarded to a fighter who wins a fight that most view he lost.

Fighters who win a gift decisions may be the far more popular fighter guaranteed to generate future bigger fights and bring in the money to most everyone involved with that fighter winning.

Another reason why a fighter may be awarded a gift decision is because of a hometown decision. Meaning the fight is in that fighter's hometown and they have all the full on advantages influencing the judges to score the fight for that particular hometown fighter.

Some of the more notorious hometown decisions where judges and even referees are often influenced by the hometown decision take place in both Canada and Texas.

There are numerous examples that display hometown decisions for both fighters from Canada and Texas, but I decided not to include any of those on this list.

So with Pacquiao and Marquez fighting three times already and all three have been close and controversial decisions, and their fourth bout is just one month away, I feel we should do a list of the top 10 biggest robberies in the sport of boxing of recent years.

So let's take a look and leave a comment if you feel it was a robbery and why? Also feel free to leave a comment with your score cards for these fights that many consider to be robberies as well.

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