Bleacher Gate, Episode 1: Introduction

Alex VeleyCorrespondent IMarch 15, 2009

Hi! My name is Alex Veley, and this is "Bleacher Gate".

This new (hopefully successful) series of articles will give you the news, results and my thoughts on the Dragon Gate promotion.

I don't like to stall too much, so let's get down to it.

A lot of you may wonder, "What is Dragon Gate?"

Well, Dragon Gate is a lot of things. I guess it could be easily summed up as a small-ish Japanese independent wrestling promotion, but it is more than that.

Dragon Gate was founded by the legendary Japanese luchador Ultimo Dragon, then called "Toryumon Wrestling". Ultimo thought there was an audience for very small wrestlers who were more like gymnasts than wrestlers.

So, he started Toryumon as a training promotion for many guys who never before really had a chance to wrestle. Some of the first people who came out of Toryumon were Dragon Kid and CIMA (Who, if you follow PWG or ROH, you undoubtedly know).

In 2004, Ultimo decided he didn't need to run Toryumon anymore and sold the company to pursue other interests of his. Immediately after being sold, the company changed names to "Dragon Gate".

But what is Dragon Gate? It is simply the fastest and most exciting wrestling you will ever see. It doesn't follow the norm of Japanese wrestling.

The Face-Heel dynamic is highly prevalent, and almost everyone in the company is in other factions (Like the NWO and DX from WWE and WCW). It has a weekly television show called "Infinity", which is a one-hour program that has clips of matches and full matches from their events.

They also run PPV's periodically.

If you'd like to get into Dragon Gate, go to And if you want to watch the Infinitys or PPVs that's a bit harder. has links to the Infinitys that are updated periodically, and YouTube is another great way to see the previous shows and events, too.

If you have any questions, e-mail me at I'd be happy to answer them!