Word Life Vol 23: Stop Hanging! No To Strap Riders II

AkDSenior Writer IMarch 15, 2009

Not too long ago, I wrote an article addressing "strap riders." In case you are unfamiliar with the term or you have not read the first installment,  I mean "title chasers." They are some guys who just cannot get away from the title picture. I have previously addressed the most obvious one, John Cena. So, who's next?

Unfortunately it's Batista. Not only is he aging (in his 40's already), he is as dull as an old light bulb. What do I mean? I mean substance.

Randy Orton is my favorite wrestler, but I hate to use him as an example due to the overwhelming band wagons that have uprooted. "Next stop, Orton Town!" (Hey, do you hear voices too?).

Anyway, Orton has developed quite well. From a mop top hair cut to The Legend Killer, he has been great to watch. His current feud with Triple H makes so much sense, since they have loads of history and a thick back story. Orton has been haunted after being exiled from Evolution, thus, forming more coldness in his heart.

This article is not about Orton, so I will stop there.

Batista has done nothing. He has received countless title shots and is always in the title picture. Since he was ousted from Evolution, he did not work his way back up like Orton. He was skyrocketed into the main event picture, which always grind my gears.

He faced Triple H at WrestleMania XXI for the World Heavyweight Championship, and in WrestleMania XXIII, he went against the Undertaker for the same title. The point is not if he wins or loses, but must he always be in the title picture? I have had my outlooks on Triple H, but may I say God damn!

He beats Triple H in a Hell in a Cell Match for the World Heavyweight Championship, then he defeats Taker in a Hell in a Cell Match as well for the same belt. Batista is the only man to have defeated Triple H and Undertaker in separate Hell in a Cell matches, sorry Angle.

Excuse me!

I usually back the seasoned vets paving the way for younger talent, but Batista? What is the world coming to? I may sound a bit bias here, but the man's character speaks for himself right?

How is his mic skills? All he talks about is how he is "The Animal," and, of course, challenging for a World Championship. Does he really need the belt and or be in the title picture to stay relevant?

When CM Punk feuded with JBL for the World Heavyweight Championship, Batista had to step in. Though the feud was horrendous, why the heck was Batista there? Granted he did lay Edge out for Punk to come win the strap, but must he really be there? When JBL was champ, wasn't Batista challenging him?

He feuded against Taker for a championship. When a fellow "strap rider" Cena returned to win the WHC at Survivor Series, Batista was already on board itching for a shot.

Jericho, CM Punk, MVP, Kennedy, and a slew of wrestlers are just fine without the belt. So were HBK, Triple H (sometimes), Orton, and Edge. You know the best part about the DX/Rated RKO feud? You had four main eventers not battling it out for a World Championship. I don't know about you, but I found it refreshing.

Do we have to watch Batista, (time is limited) Cena, or any other strap riders headline WrestleMania's for the next decade? It is not necessarily a problem if confronted diligently.

Hogan lasted years, and Bret Hart made it work. HBK is still the man today, Taker is still amazing, and Austin and Rock defined longevity.

Batista, like I said, is dull. There is not much to look back on. He was in Evolution and fought his leader in a bitter feud, now they are best friends, the end. It is no surprise that I believe he is not deserving, as the other strap riders are more deserving than him.

I consider Batista the worst of the bunch. I have loads of memory but the only "non-world title" feud I can recall since his Evolution departure was the one he had with HBK over retiring Ric Flair. The feud sucked. HBK feuds never suck, so that tells you something. There was one with Orton as well, but it was about being the No. 1 contender, so that doesn't count.

His presence at WrestleMania could have shoved some other guys away. Who knows? Orton might not have gotten the monumental push. Think what you want, but as soon as he is back he will be right back in the title picture.

Many say he will continue with Orton. If Orton has the strap, how convenient would it be for him? I give him one or two singles matches, and then he will be drooling for another shot as always. Hope you guys are ready when ever "The Animal" returns. I am.