World Baseball Classic Should Be Dropped By MLB

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World Baseball Classic  Should Be Dropped By MLB

When will the MLB finally realize that the WBC is a joke and they should no longer use MLB players? Many superstars pass on playing in the tourney, and don't want to risk getting hurt.

It comes right smack dab in the middle of spring training. The time most MLB players are worried about making their team's 25 man roster.

The only ones who take it seriously are the country's who don't have MLB. Teams like Cuba, Korea and others. Japan also takes it to heart even with their 130 game pro season.

With a 162 game regular season, and the World Series going into late October and longer, it makes the game longer. Its like working overtime without the extra pay.

The big stars cannot afford to play in the tourney. The risk to injury is too great.

How do you explain to your fans that the team's top star is out due to an injury? One that happened in a game no one cares about.

Look at the game's crowd. No one's there, except the few really die hard fans.

When it comes to baseball its not even the minor leagues. No this tourney does not fly.

The time to pull the plug has come. When America's own stars refuse to play, its time to move on.

The days of playing it for the love of the game is over. With multi-million dollar contracts there's just no room for this type of play.

What always amazes me is all the MLB players going to play for their home country. When did they stop living, working and playing in the USA?

I always thought they were Americans. They speak the language like me. They live here, since when were they born out of the US?

Until the star players of MLB decide to take the tourney more seriously it will never amount to much here in the US. I love Major League Baseball.

I wait every year for the first pitch on opening day. I love the World Series and some day my beloved Cubbies will be there.

As for the WBC, who care? Not me, lets move on to opening day.

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