Is Vickie Guerrero the Most Hated Heel in WWE?

Adam NystromCorrespondent IINovember 5, 2012

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In professional wrestling, the art of playing a heel is up there with the greatest works of live theater and drama.  For someone to get a negative reaction out of an audience, his or her ability to stir up the emotions of the crowd is directly proportionate to how well he or she will succeed as an "evil" character, also known as a rudo in Mexican lucha libre.  The louder the booing, the better you have done your job as a villain.

If we judge by volume, Vickie Guerrero is simply the most hated person in WWE today.

Looking back, it is nothing short of amazing that one year before her husband Eddie's untimely and tragic death, Vickie Guerrero had never been seen on television as a character.  She was simply Eddie's loving wife, a woman who had returned to her husband after he confronted his addictions and beat them.  Months after his posthumous Hall of Fame induction, we got to see her in a brand new light: the conniving accomplice to Chavo Guerrero and an evil witch who accused Rey Mysterio of leeching the Guerrero family's name. 

As time went on, we saw Vickie's role in WWE get bigger and bigger.  First securing an assistant role alongside Theodore Long on SmackDown, Vickie formed one of the more memorable factions in recent history with La Familia, filled in as Raw General Manager and married Edge. 

Any woman could realistically do each of the aforementioned tasks in wrestling, but in today's WWE world, heel managers don't exist unless you are absolutely astonishing at everything you do.  Right now, there are two of them.  One is Paul Heyman, a visionary whose creative genius is matched only by his portrayal of a scumbag agent.

Vickie, despite her long marriage to Eddie, did not have the experience in the business of wrestling when she first began portraying her character.  What this means is that she had this incredible penchant for pissing off a live audience inside her all along, and make no mistake—with all due respect to the great heels on the roster like CM Punk—there is nobody as good at enraging fans as Vickie Guerrero.

Vickie is so hated that she doesn't even need music to incite the riotous booing she earns every time she makes her way to the entrance ramp.  Two words, spoken first inquisitively and then in a screaming octave normally reserved for a banshee's warning of imminent death.  You know you are doing your job as a heel when people who normally stay quiet and reserved at live events start shouting things back at you.  I have been to shows and watched grown men, some with children who are already covering their ears, join in unison to attempt in vain to silence Vickie.

The fact that she is now preying on one of the most-liked WWE Divas in years only adds to her disgusting qualities.  AJ is being accused of having an affair with John Cena, and while we have yet to see where this story is headed, Vickie immediately nosed her way into the thick of the controversy and took the offensive.  Cena, the good guy supreme of WWE, facing off against the woman who garners the biggest amount of dark energy in wrestling makes for some incredible live reactions.  Furthermore, it looks like Dolph Ziggler will stand to benefit from all of this and get himself a possible Survivor Series match against Cena.

There is always talk of when Ziggler will drop the services of Vickie Guerrero, and while I agree that they no longer need each other, I hope Vickie will be quick to find somebody else who can utilize her services.  She might do well to bring up one of the young bucks from NXT or get herself involved in the tag team division.  Whatever path she chooses, you can be sure there will be screaming and yelling from both sides of the security barrier wherever she goes.