NCAA: Save the Bracket Drama for Your Mamma!

len laberCorrespondent IMarch 15, 2009

Oh oh, its about to start again. Friends and coworkers start emailing you invitations to join their March Madness bracket pool. You listen and read all the expert analysis all week long.

Then you’ll agonize for hours filling out your brackets. In the end though, it doesn’t matter, as you watch your champion go down in flames and the office secretary or a friend who knows nothing about sports win the whole pool.

How does this happen?? Why do people that never watched a game all year win? Shouldn’t you be rewarded for watching every big game all season long and knowing the top scorers on each team?

To get the answers, let's take a closer look at the bracket game. In the first round, you have a 50/50 chance of picking the winner of the games.

As you get further in the tourney, where the real points are awarded, a college basketball fan will look at how teams have played the last few weeks and the makeup of the team to predict upsets and the eventual champion.

The pseudo fans just take a few minutes to predict winners using their special formula of where they and their friends went to school, what the team mascots are and who would win in a fight, and funny sounding schools like Ball State, Oral Roberts, and Gonzaga.

The thing is, March Madness can be so unpredictable that the nitwits have as much of a chance of winning as you do. Is that fair? Are you tired of losing to your mamma, even though she couldn’t name you one player on UConn?

I sure was and that is why I play FANTASY March Madness these days and you should give it a try too. It rewards college basketball knowledge by having you choose actual players in the tourney that will go deep in the tourney and put up big stats.

The guessing game is removed and the March madness pseudo fans would stay as far away as possible as they’d have no clue how to come up with a strategy to win and what players to pick. It's also 10x more exciting to watch your players instead of just the last two minutes of a game.

Check it out at There are two separate games called Survival March Madness and One and Done March Madness to play where you could win a Nintendo Wii or take home a cash pot!

There's a cheat sheet already posted on the homepage with all the top scorers on the tourney teams plus a top 100 players list to save you time researching and strategies to think about when picking your own team. 

I welcome the competition and may the true college basketball expert win!