Debating Whether Gregg Williams Should Stay or Go

Steven GerwelContributor IIINovember 4, 2012

NEW ORLEANS, LA - OCTOBER 31: Defensive coordinator Gregg Williams of the New Orleans Saints looks on prior to the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at the Louisiana Superdome on October 31, 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Matthew Sharpe/Getty Images)
Matthew Sharpe/Getty Images

St. Louis Rams fans know better than anyone that the start of NFL football masks offseason controversy better than anything. 

The ongoing Edward Jones Dome lease issues between owner Stan Kroenke and the city of St. Louis was grabbing the attention of fans and was of the utmost importance.

Now that the season is underway, the focus is on Jeff Fisher and the improved Rams, while the lease situation has received practically zero publicity.  

But that's not the only controversy that has been temporarily forgotten—defensive coordinator Gregg Williams and his Bounty Gate involvement has also been swept under the shadows of the ongoing season. 

Once February rolls around, Fisher and the Rams will have a delicate decision to make. 



The Downside to Gregg Williams

Jonathan Vilma and his relentless legal battle against Roger Goodell and the NFL has certainly shifted the focus away from Gregg Williams, but bad publicity is still inevitable if the Rams retain Williams. 

The Bounty Gate scandal was the biggest story of the offseason and sparked heated debates over concussions and player safety. The flames have died down since the start of football, but the media will pick up where they left off as soon as offseason boredom kicks in. 

Since Jeff Fisher and GM Les Snead have done such a remarkable job turning the franchise around, is bringing Williams back really worth poisoning the relationship between the fans and this regime?

Not to mention, assistant coach Blake Williams—son of Gregg Williams—has done a solid job calling plays for the defense, at least early on. 

If the defense can perform up to par without Williams' presence, it's not worth sparking a controversy. 



In Defense of Gregg Williams

Gregg Williams has kept his mouth shut throughout this process and has avoided speaking with the media. 

Since Williams was cooperative and took his punishment like a man, why should anyone have a problem with him returning to his profession and earning a living? 

He did his time, now let him move on. 

Also, he knows the Rams' defensive system as well as anyone.

Sure, the Rams have been effectively executing the defense without Williams, but will that continue? 

How do we know the 45-7 disaster against New England wasn't the first sign of Blake Williams being overwhelmed? 

Bringing Williams back will allow the assistant coaches to focus on their job tasks rather than being responsible for calling the entire defense. 

But in the end, Williams is suspended until further notice, so there's no guarantee that he'll even be eligible to coach in 2013. 

If his suspension is waived, the decision to retain him will be made by Jeff Fisher and no one else. 

Fisher and Williams clearly have a strong friendship since Fisher has refused to officially fire him. So regardless of our personal opinions, there's a chance Williams will be coaching for the Rams at some point.