Crownless-King James in Kobe's Court of...Deductive Reasoning!

yungCaucasoid ...Correspondent IMarch 15, 2009

I still remember it, like yesterday. You all probably do too; final season of Kobe's rookie contract. Dr. Buss giving him the Bush-to-Obama treatment, reminiscent of Obama's Time at the White House prior to Inaugeration Day.

And of course, who can forget Magic Johnson's role back then? Not easy to forget his *writing that instruction manual which Laura Bush certainly followed for eight seasons* within his display of Kobe-Kourting, from Dr. Buss' side.

Most vivid to me is this agonizing Hope, that he would not re-sign with the Lakers. Most every intelligent basketball fan had easily anticipated 'the horizon' for him and Shaq. Except for me.

I knew the jealousy, hate, and venom waiting for Kobe, should something go wrong even for one season.
But, oh yes, Kobe broke my sports-heart! He looked at all of the Jordan comparisons, the Jordan gauges, the infamous Jordan Rules (LeBron?  Crabbin'?), the Jordan measuring sticks which he had passed at that point in his career:

  • better defender
  • better teammate/leader
  • better shooter
  • more intelligent player
  • more creativity
  • more compassion for teammate's shortcomings

He looked at the script. The script, which was set. A script, which could not unfurl alongside a great giant, soaking up all deserving-props which sometimes deserved blame for near-fatal losses.  Especially any applicable free-throw-woes which Kobe's prowess was able to transcend into *a security blanket* for, at least, two Larry A. O'-trophies.
Oh yes, my big beautiful basketball buddied behemoths, that script was set for Kobe to move on, to another city. And take his rightful, anticipated course to surpass Jordan as GOAT.
But, Kobe ditched that scripted-path.
No detour. He ditched it, outright. Spit on it. Proudly, too.
While in full *tech-support* gear, with a big purple/gold cape flapping in the wind, featuring the words
airbrushed on his back. Beautiful sight, too.  But only a dream now, Kobe fans, it's only a dream now. Darn it.
Excuse me, precocious-readers, its that darn *deductive reasoning* of mine flaring up on me again. 
Such as, when I look around any basketball arena today.
And am forced to be cognizant of how the crowd looks alot different than the majority-Black players, out on the court entertaining us.  My, my, my, how the NBA theme has changed from the inner-city one we came to love, since the '70s.

No more man-to-man defense like Jordan enjoyed, no more killa-crossovers, no more heated shows-of-emotion when in-battle, no more being insensitive to player's lack of Heart, and usually, no more droves of Black people in the arena seats...unless via some wealthy White-guy's philanthropy, of course.
No doubt, that NBA crowd of today, looks about 90 percent like that young Vail, Colorado. The one, with who, Kobe committed a Black man's greatest scorn since The African Slave Trade;
a lusting, Caucasian, perky young woman, left in sexual-bliss, chaos, and mayhem.
Isn't it a nefarious shame?  How, that Kobe-sin has caused the basketball world to dare try and put 'a player' above Kobe who has accomplished nothing comparable to Kobe?  
And that is, truly it, in a nuttshell.
Although, I refuse to stop here.  You don't want me to.  
Some of you all's neglected and battered 'Kobe-Konscience' is being brought full circle here, and it begs me to continue on folks (smile)!

Reminding any putrid conscience still punishing Kobe for "that sin" which causes us mere basketball mortals, to forget about his legacy-damning choice to go riding in the backseat for The Laker's brass and Shaq's legacy.
Fortunately, Kobe fooled multi-millions of folk who didn't think of the other side of that coin, for coming full-circle.
I mean, who knew?
That, en route to one of those championships, he would go "world-class performance" to save The Shaq-less Lakers vs. The Trailblazers? It's realities such as this, which make it mindboggling, the great lengths some people will go to disrespect their knowledge of NBA basketball.
For instance, when folk ignore glaring reality, it causes some People to defend LeBron's playoff failures by saying, "Wait until he gets some help!"
Yet, when Kobe had Shaq's help?
Then it's time for the hypocrisy! Then it's time to use Shaq's contributions, to diminish Kobe's, although Shaq deemed Kobe's contributions = best player in the entire NBA.
The same hypocrisy is used on Kobe when comparing him to Jordan, as well. Jordan played seven seasons, I repeat, seven seasons before *he finally had help he needed* to make him an NBA champion.
Kobe played four seasons.
Jordan's help that allowed him the vehicle he rode to G.O.A.T. status, is the same kind of help that Kobe rides into marginalization, trivialization, and undervaluing his Greatest, to a magnitude where the unthinkable has happened; He's now disrespectfully-compared to a new *Image-Conscious Guy* who hasn't accomplished, a thing.
Except, of course, the ability to stay strategically-focused enough to ensure he targets a Caucasoid kid, to give his game sneakers, at the end of each contest
And really, I do pray for those of you who use non-basketball reasons, to foolishly compare this duo to the Magic-Bird element. 
Still, shame on you folk who cheat sports greatness, by ignoring glaring realities such as those I mention here.  
Enter: 2008 Olympics in Beijing.
And, Lebron if you're reading this? I really and truly am sorry, Crownless-King James, but facts are facts.
Especially during that moment when Our Great Team faced its biggest obstacle; 2008 Gold Medal Game. You readers saw it. We all saw it, and heard it. Thats right, all three billion or so, of us! And most notably that fourth quarter.  It really left me so so so happy for LeBron, following that game.
I couldn't help but think how elated he must've been to have such a close, ring-side, seat for Olympic History; Kobe in that fourth-quarter/showing why there really and truly, comparison

For a few-ticks there, that fourth-quater even had me wishing we had been treated to more 'a challenge' back in Barcelona, for 1992.

Anyone else?


As a matter of fact, LeBron showed us once again during the 2009 All-Star Weekend, why he has no RIGHT to any thrones, crowns, nor mention, of being above Kobe Bryant.
And fortunately Reggie Miller peeped it.
When he called LeBron on it, duringthe Slam Dunk competition in PHX, AZ. LeBron's refusal to join Jordan and Kobe in electrifying the world via the dunk contest so far, does speak volumes, whether LeBron fans like it or not.
LeBron couldn't even throw his name in the hat for next season's contest, with passion! As witnessed, when he came with an Image-conscious response, to Reggie Miller on TNT...who pacified him.   
Miller started off veraciously putting LeBron on front street, then backed off, likely in fear of jeopardizing the NBA-opportunity he currently showing-up David Stern's cash cow.
So unfortunately, in the end of that ordeal Miller displayed the exact type of irresponsibly-irrational thought processes, which folk must harbor in order to consider LeBron being above Kobe.
I refuse to my readers join a fall prey to a Kobold effort of pretend, that it's not still, Kobe's Kolorado Kaucasian Kutey Kausation.  Oh yes!  That sin still haunts Kobe Bryant, Black male.
Kobe could title his NBA legacy; The Zin-Sins of Vail Colorado.  As, it will cause folk to continue to trivialize and marginalize realities, with no end, in sight.