Diva Recap: Week of Mar. 9

Christi LottCorrespondent IMarch 15, 2009

I have to be honest, I've become completely disinterested in TNA and the Knockouts division, so I will hold off writing about them until after Destination X PPV.



Divas action was in full gear as RAW gave us only the second Champion vs. Champion match for the Divas, with Women's Champion Melina vs. Diva's Champion Maryse.

As stated in my previous article, this was unlike the squash match that was Beth Phoenix and Michelle McCool. These two are a bit more evenly matched and had some really nice chemistry.

Maryse is basically what Melina used to be, a bitchy heel. Each had some good offense, and Maryse carried herself well for being on live TV.

The match surprisingly ended quickly with Maryse capitalizing on a misstep by Melina, throwing her head first to the ground and cleanly pinning the Women's Champion.

Rosa Mendes ridiculously tried to start a catfight with Maryse, leading to all the Divas who were at ringside to step in. A huge brawl started, which started out as Smackdown vs. RAW and ended up being faces vs. heels.

Vickie Guerrero came out and officially announced a 25-Diva Battle Royal at Wrestlemania.

I, for one, am not excited about the match. As more information about it has come out, many of the past Divas contacted have said they are not attending, including Molly Holly and Lita. While these could possibly be works, I doubt the WWE would try that, especially with popular former Divas.

Basically, either Trish Stratus, if she shows up, or a current Diva getting or going to get a push, is going to win. I'm putting my money on Trish, she's the most popular of all time and has some great WM matches in her history.

If a current Diva is to win, although I'd like it to be Mickie, it will probably be Michelle. 

Unfortunately, many past Divas who should be in it most likely won't be, Chyna because of personal problems; Jacqueline because she's in TNA; etc. I was more up for a Maryse/Melina match, but at least every diva on the roster will be able to say they wrestled at Wrestlemania.



Smackdown gave us a tag match between the team of Maria & Melina taking on Maryse & Michelle McCool. The match ended with McCool refusing to tag her teammate Maryse, who was rolled up by Melina for the win.

McCool and Maryse got into a catfight after the match. The match reverted back to typical Diva matches, being far too short. Although a step up from last week's match between Maryse and Eve, this was a throwaway, but allowed Melina to get revenge on Maryse for the loss.

It's interesting that Melina was only able to get a roll-up win caused by distraction while Maryse cleanly pinned her on RAW.

Maria's offense was better that usual. Michelle looked like a bit of a cheap version of Maryse as far as attire goes, but she had some strong heel offense.

The not tagging didn't really make any sense since the last time the two had to team up they helped each other in winning. Perhaps it's to set up a rematch between the two for the Diva's title.

I was also reminded that Maria and McCool have a history and Michelle has yet to avenge her loss to Maria. The show is starting to develop a lack of follow-through in story-lines, but there's progression.

We also got to see The Bella Twins make their presence known during the match between The Colons and Miz and Morrison.

While first coming out with the Colons, they left with Miz and Morrison when they won. These girls are basically being portrayed as a bit slutty, only going with winners and allowing themselves to be passed around.

I can't tell them apart, but one looks to be more with The Colons while the other is more for Miz and Morrison. If a split is going to happen, let it happen soon because I'm completely disinterested with the two.

All in all, not a bad week for the Divas.