St Louis Rams' Quarterback Marc Bulger Has No More Excuses For Losing

john dmytrukCorrespondent IMarch 15, 2009

Before I begin to about the quarterback situation, I want to give you a metaphor on how I see the current situation of this team.

If you have to compare this team to a building that has been on fire. Say the fire started at 9:00 p.m. and ended at 3:00 a.m. For three hours until sunrise, you inspect the damage in the dark with artificial lights.  But in the daylight, you get a true picture of the damage.

The Rams had been slowly destroyed by fire, but at beginning of the last season, the destruction stopped when Chris Rosenbloom took over the team. Yet, you could not assess the true damage because you had been kept in the dark because Linehan and his inept assistants kept you that way with Shaw and Zygmunt's help.

We have arrived at the dawn of a new day, and Shaw has been neutralized while Zygmount left.  A new coaching staff pushed out Linehan's cronies.  So now, we can look at this team under daylight, and truly see how much damage has been done.

Under daylight we can take a true look at the Rams quarterback situation, or better yet, at Marc Bulger.     

 Let us look at Chris Rosenbloom and the remainder of the $56 million contract.  That clock on the contract sounds like it may be winding down for Marc Bulger.  The lack of attention on the offense excuses for Mr Bulger may be coming to an end.

I want to start with the poor offensive line blocking.  They brought in Jason Brown from Baltimore to start at the center position.  This position had been a problem for several season well this acquisition move takes care of the problem.

The addition of Brown and added with Jacob Bell and last year's draft choices will help the line. 

The passing and running attack will be helped with the addition of Karney from New Orleans.  He will be starting as a blocking fullback position.  Besides making holes for Steve Jackson, he can the line on passing downs.

The offensive system has been simple to either run or pass the ball.   Coach Spagnoulo does want a complicated offense with funny names.  He just wants to move the ball.  You do that with players not plays or systems.

This system will be so simple that Brock Berlin will be able to handle it.

I hope that I made it pretty simple that Marc Bulger, like Scott Linehan, has been bought notice in a subtle way—win or else.   

Now to go back to looking at this team in the daylight.

This team has the talent at some level to turn it around may be not the way Miami did last year.  The talent has been there, but because of poor ownership, foolish management, and inept coaching the talent got lost. 

We need to keep an open mind to what see before us now, not the past. Accept the fact that the Super Bowl or playoffs loom in this team future, but a stronger course to get there.