One Day Makes All the Difference

gary kroonen jr.Correspondent IMarch 15, 2009

Each weight class in the UFC has its champions and batch of contenders chasing the belt. Most we know quite well considering the amount of media coverage of these people who fight for glory in the gladiator sport of our time.

I would guess that nearly all of the people who follow MMA on Bleacher Report can tell you all about the top 10 of every weight class in any of the top promotions world wide.

As we all know fighters compete in classes that are sometimes very different than that of their natural weight. Weigh-ins take place the day before the fight, allowing the competitors enough time to recover from large drops in weight in order to compete at the lower weight classes.

This allows for more variety as far as options for matching fighters and options for the fighters to choose what class they want if they can make the weight successfully.

Some promoters and commissions for amateur shows hold weigh-ins the morning of the event, which makes it hard to move beyond seven pounds or more without causing fatigue or damage, and making fighters stay closer to they're true weight.

I'm thinking that this is why the UFC holds weigh-ins the day before, it provides them with many more options. But what if the athletic commission in each state could not agree on day of or day before? Who knows, maybe for health reasons, or perhaps they all just said day of and that's it. 

Just for conversation purpose, what would the classes in the UFC look like and who would be where facing who? Would we have to create more classes to accommodate fighters, such as super heavy or junior welterweight?

In boxing with so many classes, there is about a seven-pound allowance up to the limit, I think, so don't quote me on this, but  aside from being confusing, that would mean a lot more title fights and super fights as well as dual title holders.

Anderson Silva would be a light heavy or heavy, and GSP would be middle, Penn would be a welter, and you might see Faber and the like join on as lightweights.

Never again would you hear Rogan say, "Let's see how he handles the weight cut." Cuts or gains would be small so there is no worry of fatigue. In my mind, there are lots of arguments for and against, but honestly, why mess with something that works right, unless we entertain the idea, just for good old fashioned fan debate and chat.

Is it a good idea? Does it stink and why? Could it ever happen?

One day sure can make all the difference!