WWE Survivor Series 2012: A Team Punk vs. Team Foley Main Event? No, Thank You

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistNovember 3, 2012

From WWE.com
From WWE.com

WWE Raw reminded us why we tune out in the third hour, as the show concluded with an anti-climactic reveal of Team Punk and Team Foley, also known as Team [Insert Heels] and Team [Insert Babyfaces]. 

The so-called swerve came when CM Punk antagonistically assumed that Mick Foley was a participant in the 10-man tag team main event, only to have Ryback revealed as the not-so-shocking fifth man. 

The WWE is clearly stretching for time as the Rock and the Royal Rumble cannot come soon enough—as it stands, the Survivor Series main event will be without both a WWE Championship on the line and top star John Cena.

Mind you, the WWE contemplated cancelling Survivor Series at one point, according to a report by F4WOnline.com, as officials felt that the traditional tag team matches that have defined the pay-per-view over the years had run their course. Officials eventually decided against replacing the hallowed franchise after cooler heads prevailed. 

While cancelling a WWE institution certainly would have been a reckless decision, the WWE was on to something in thinking that the traditional Survivor Series tag team matches were old hat. 

Sure, wrestling fans will always have a special place in their hearts for this match format, and what it has come to represent over the years, but there is a time and a place for these tag team matches and that time and place is nowhere near the main event. 

At the very least, the WWE should be thinking about throwing in some crazy stipulation, like how the sole survivors will be in contention for a WWE Championship, or whoever scores the winning pinfall will win the WWE Championship. 

Pay-per-views, if nothing else, are a platform to showcase prestigious championships, especially big-four pay-per-views like Survivor Series. I shudder to think what the market looks like for fans willing to pony up $50 for a show where a WWE title change is guaranteed to not happen.

CM Punk's historic title reign will enter Survivor Series at the one-year mark. The WWE Champion, and his title, will celebrate this impressive feat in dormancy, likely doing the job to Ryback in vain. 

When that buyrate comes out, it may be enough to cancel Survivor Series—for real, this time.