Todd Bodine Without A Sponsor: He'll Be on the Sidelines Looking in

Horn FanSenior Writer IMarch 15, 2009

Right now Todd Bodine's future, could very well be on the sidelines and not as one of the contenders for the 2009 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Championship. Without a sponsor on board, Germain Racing won't be racing Todd Bodine in the No. 30 at Martinsville and who knows what the schedule will be or how many races they go to. 

It doesn't look like Tilted Kilt will become the full-time sponsor that both Bodine and Germain Racing so desperately need to 'keep on truckin.'

For truck fans this isn't the headline or story you would expect to see for a team with their success and with how 2009 has started for them.

When you consider since July 25, 2008, Bodine hasn't finished outside the top five. That is of course, if you make an exception of these two races; a 19th at Loudon on Sept. 13 and 9 at Las Vegas Sept. 20th and recorded three wins over that period.

Add in he's the 2006 Truck Champion with Germain racing. Plus do far in 2009, he's finished 1-2-3 over the first three races. At Daytona he won his fourth straight restrictor plate race and it was 16th win in 116 truck series starts.

With Rowdy Busch, not running a full schedule, Bodine is the true points leader and while I'm not penciling his name in as champion for 2009, he's on the shortlist.

But if he's not racing at Martinsville, well you can cross or erase his name from your shortlist.

It's a shame to see their sponsorship have effectively eliminated one of the top five drivers in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series history.

Really Germain Racing, so far in 2009, have stood by Bodine, been loyal and funded the 30 team out of pocket, but unfortunately, without a sponsor in place, they just can't keep doing that.

They have had Geico help out the 30 by being on the truck as a associate sponsor, but while it's helped get them to races they really need a sponsor all over the 30 truck.

Now Geico already sponsors Bodine's part-time teammate in trucks Max Papis in both Cup and trucks and they run part-time schedules in both.

"We've had a great year and we're riding a streak of wins and top 5's, so our program speaks for itself and is of a huge benefit to any sponsor looking to get into NASCAR and have instant success", Bodine said.

"The Germain family has been gracious in funding the truck so far this year and I also appreciate Geico's support. We're at the top of the point standings with another championship in our sights, so it would be great to have a sponsor to share it with and help benefit from all our hard work at Germain Racing."

While Bodine's future may very well be in limbo right now. You can't over look his passion and commitment to wanting to be one of the best drivers in the truck series.

But it also leaves me with this question. How could a team this good, go into 2009 without looking for potential sponsorship deals or options to fall back onto?

Why, well Lumber Liquidators was in a renew year, but with the economy so bad in the building sector.

These guys have been buying up wood flooring from major manufactures to flooring chains that went out of business and just don't get it how Germain Racing could get caught with nothing to fall back onto or an option if they didn't renew.