The Perfect Wrestler

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IMarch 15, 2009

I have thought about what the perfect wrestler would look like, talk like, and act like, and even what his entrance is and I have all put that together into this.

Face: Randy Orton- He has the face that is like a viper when he is ready to attack he shows the emotion that pours from him and he has the face that you can't turn away from.


Eyes: Undertaker- The eyes of the dead man are scary to look at when he rolls them in the back of the head to get his opponent to get intimidated. The stare that he gives you gives you the goosebumps.


Arms: Scott Steiner has huge arms and would be perfect for the this body part. I mean wow. he could do a lot of damage with them, but I feel that he can drop an elbow to end a match. I like the arms of Scott. They will do a lot of damage.


Hands: Woooooooo...the Nature Boy Ric Flair could give you the worst red mark on your chest with the hands he throws and the poke to the eye is classic he can beat you alone with his hands.


Chest: Would have to be John Morrison because, I mean come on, he has got the best chest in the WWE he is athletic and all he is the reason why I pick his chest.


Legs: I would have to give this one to Ric Flair because the figure four would kill you. I mean, Ric Flair has the best legs because he has beat so many people with them there is a reason why he is a 16-time world champ.


Knees: Randy Orton has one of the most devastating punts I have seen and that knee alone could take someone out for months.


Feet: The Big Show feet are huge and could crush someone the big boot to the face could knock you out alone.


Mic skills: The Rock has the best second best mic skills (first Flair), but The Rock would be my pick for mic skills because he has always known how to talk.


Intimidating skills: No one and I mean no one can get inside someone mind like the Undertaker can and he has done it since he got here and I think he would scare off his opponent alone without wrestling.


Finisher: The most devastating finisher would have to be the RKO because it has so many victims and it would take anyone out of the match and it could happen at any time.


Submison: The ankle lock is my favorite and it hurts a lot and I think Angle makes it look good especially when he falls to the ground were you can't move.


Finsher (in the air): The Shooting Star Press is the best air move and it would be very effective and I like this one a little bit more than the 450.


Wrestling set moves: Bret Hart has the best wrestling moves, and I would love to have his move set and I wouldn't need a finisher with the move set he has got.


Attitude: I love the attitude of the one and only HBK because he know's he is the best and shows it and talks the talk and walks the walk.


Special Match: The match he would be best known for would be is the one and only Hell in a Cell because once you go in with him your not coming out so I would be Taker in this aspect because of Taker's yard would not just be the ring but HIAC.


Entrance: He would have Voices as his song would have the light's like Triple H and would come out like the Undertaker with pyro coming from the ramp and ring.