IPL 2009: On or Off?

Prthvir SolankiCorrespondent IMarch 15, 2009

Its on!

No..wait...it's not..

Oh yes it is!

Wait a sec...no it's gone

This is even more interesting than the Ronaldo transfer saga! Just a week back, IPL chairman Lalit Modi says everything is alright, IPL is right on track. This conformation came after people started raising eyebrows, seeing the terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan team.

After saying this, the Home Minister says he is not happy with the dates. Mr. Modi takes it in his stride and fixes the dates to accommodate the elections and divide the security well.

For two days, all is fine and well. People are gearing up for IPL 2. Suddenly, some states have said that they are not willing to give security for the players and matches during the elections.


Lalit Modi is now rushing to make amends to his date sheet, so that IPL 2 will happen. If you thought getting through the pressures last year were tough, don't talk about this one!

I will be honest here. I seriously hope it will happen. I just loved it last year. I have always supported football teams like Man United, but supporting Mumbai Indians was so much better mainly because I was part of the city. Its a different feeling.

As for security. I believe, if there is a doubt, it should not happen. Players will not come feeling they don't have enough security. Stadiums will most probably be half-full (optimistic, huh!) and with only Indians, it will look like a normal Ranji game.

Delaying it is impossible, with the calender booked for the whole year, the people regard the elections more important than the IPL (and I do to after all, its about the future of the country), and after the 3/3 attacks, players will be reluctant and a good example is the richest IPL player, Kevin Pietersen. All in all, IPL 2 seems unlikely.

I'm sure many hope it will happen. But security has been a problem. I am not saying our government is not capable of providing high-level security (they are more than capable), but trying to divide the security here and there is not a good idea to me.

We all loved it. We all hope its coming back. But at least according to me, IPL 2009 is gone. I hope it hasn't, but my gut feeling says yes. 

I hope my gut is wrong. What say you?