The Dynasty Manifesto: Into the Armageddon Pt. Two: The Great Fallout

AkDSenior Writer IMarch 15, 2009


When we last left off, AkD led a "boring" interview (in the words of DKA) about his current doings. The Manifesto was looking for a "scandalous" story and got nothing but an honest conversation. AkD and DKA got on the same page later on in the special interview.

D-Assassination X had plagued the set with "Sup Guys" spam and the show went off the air. A brawl broke out when D-Assassination X arrived and the lights went out. The leader, Burgett had some "Rihanna" style bruises all over him and Chris Browne couldn't be blamed this time.

Everyone was fine as the B/R police was checking on everyone until "someone" went into heel character and things got complicated.

Joe Burgett: "I'm filing a lawsuit! $5 Million!! AkD attacked me when the show went dark! I can't take this..I'm NUMBER 1! What will the B/R wrestling community do without me?! Nothing! They're trash!"

AkD: (perplexed) "What are you talking abou--

Joe Burgett: "I've had enough of you and you shenanigans AkD! He and the Manifesto ambushed me!!"

Burgett sent out the lawsuit papers to Zander and Co. They laughed so hard they pissed their pants. After hours of spell check and editing, Zander decided to play along and B/R court was set and ready to go. Ron Johnson would be the judge of the case of the century.

A civil, well presented lady named Mina stood up and announced the case:

"Numero Uno ( Plaintiff) vs Numero Cinco (Defendant) , will the court rise".

The Judge Judy announcer voice comes up.

Announcer: "Joe Burgett is suing AkD for an "assumed" attack. D-Assassination X arrived on the Manifesto and Mr. Burgett left the scene injured".

Joe Burgett walked in court with a "No. 1" foam finger and a briefcase. His attorney Berg Cochran walked behind him, they took their place in the court.

AkD walked in next, he seemed to be alone as DKA, Sandstorm and the rest of the Manifesto were in the stands. Joe is smiling as AkD is left to defend for himself, he puts on neck brace and moans in agony.

Ron Johnson: This is my court, there's no PG, so children better get out. I'm the boss around here, I'm the judge. Who runs the show? Ron Johnson does, so everybody better take two steps back. Where's the damn court case papers.

Ron looks at the paper and is confused.

Johnson: "WTF IS THIS?! You have the nerve to sue for $5 million and this paper looks as if it originates from a pre school kid, can you even spell "$5 Million?!"

Joe Burgett (Nervously): "5...Mil...umm...ummm...Who cares?! I'm No. 1! (The foam finger is raised in the air). I'm above you too Ron, have you seen the rankings?! Please get on with the nonsense"

Johnson looks like he's about to explode.

Johnson: "Nonsense, this case is freaking nonsense. You as a writer is nonsense. Your soap opera was a DAMN Nonsense. I've been diligent my whole life, so tell me Burgett....HOW THE F*** AM I YOUR FATHER?!"

The court silences and Burgett sits down.

Johnson: "As much as I would like to dismiss this case and throw it out the window along with Burgett, Zander asked me to do this, so I will. You seem to have no representation...will you fend for yourself AkD??"

AkD is about to open his mouth then Vince McMahon theme plays "NO CHANCE, THAT'S WHATCHA GOT".... Sugar Shane Howard power walks down the aisle and takes his place besides AkD.

Shane: "Sorry I'm late, I just heard about this nonsense from JLB...I'm here now. I will be defending AkD. I have prepared a strong argument and this will be over faster than Uno's talk show. I have also worked with JLB and RNN, so Burgett is a pain in everyone's back side".

Sugar Shane builds momentum.

"My latest Gripe right is Mr. Burgett right now. He wants to sue for damages? Can I counter sue for copyright infringement? A character that was used by someone else was taken and not only used under illegal pretense but the character was disgraced along with teasing homosexuality.

Can I triple counter?"


Johnson: "Objection overridden, shut the hell up!"

Shane: "It's alright let him go".

Joe tells Berg Cochran to stand up....he does.

Berg Cochran: "Ron, court, everyone, Sugar Shane should be dismissed from the court because he is biased. He has always been jealous of Joe, he could never become No. 1 no matter how many gripes he had. Mr. Burgett has supplied B/R with all the latest info and not silly humor pieces. I call AkD to the stand".

AkD gets up and walks over the stand. Shane looks a little worried because AkD is never one to keep a grudge and might not blast back at Uno, but he watches on.

Berg: "Is it true that you have made fun of Mr. Burgett?"

AkD: Ummm

Berg: "Answer the question! Don't beat around the bush, have you..or have you not?"

AkD: "I haven't, that is the Dynasty Manifesto. I have no relation to them. Besides who wouldn't poke fun out Burgett, I mean look at him".

Johnson: "You might have a point there AkD, go on.

AkD: "I'm an honest guy and I believe Burgett is Basura (garbage in Spanish). The boy has tried his hand in humor articles and it worse than Wrestlemania IX. As for attacking him, I didn't do it".

Berg: "Lies!! I tell you.. Lies!! AkD and DKA are both in cahoots!! They're the same person!!!"

Johnson: "DKA is seated with the rest of the audience fool, this isn't Cerebral..there's only 1 AkD".

Shane: "That is enough! My boy AkD spoke enough. I have footage of a WWE superstar who is also unhappy with Uno's actions. My boy Trips isn't happy. I call Triple H to the stand".

A video of Triple H is shown crying.

Triple H: "It's bad enough that Orton took out my family, my wife Stephanie...the mother of my children. Now this?! D-Assassination X! You have disgraced my stable. (Crying) You have a crossed a line that you can't return from".

All of Sudden Triple H's theme hits and Triple H comes into the court. Snot is running down his nose and he is tomato red. He walks slowly to the stand and takes out a Sledgehammer. He swings it and is recking havoc all over the place.

Triple H hits Berg with the Sledgehammer and he tries to crawl away. Triple H then pedigrees Berg on the floor and he is arrested...again.

Joe Burgett: "Arrest that man! I'm number 1. DX was dead! I saved your stable the Assassins saved B/R..everyone".

Triple H: (Hauled off by authority) "When I'm done with Orton, I'm gonna BREAK YOUR NECK!!"

Joe Burgett: "It doesn't matter, no one has proved AkD's innocence!! The man is guilty".

Johnson: "As much as I would like to dismiss this again, AkD you seem in to be in deep trouble".


Sugar Shane stands up once more. Shane tries to stall and then JLB himself walks in the court. History is being made. Manifesto and RNN under the same roof, the atmosphere is as electric as Wrestlemania X7.

JLB: "RNN cameras are everywhere. They only provide themselves with the best equipment. RNN cameras kept rolling even when the show went off the air. Even in the dark, their cameras work. I have the footage to end all footage".

JLB calls himself to the stand. Burgett objects, but Johnson silences him.

JLB pops in the tape into the television and the video is shown. D-Assassination X runs into the Manifesto set and can't read the "caution" mopping sign. As a result, Burgett and the rest of the stable all slip on the slippery floor thus creating his bumps and bruises.

Another clip is shown of Burgett doing some not so PG Stuff with a Vickie Guerrero blow up doll. JLB stops the tape as people start to vomit.

Johnson: "Once again you've fed us with crap Burgett! You fell because you couldn't fathom a caution sign?! Urghhh It is up to the jury to decide though.

Ross: Get a life Joe.

Mina: Joe is incorrect and his case is now null and void.


Kumar: Me in my 3071 gods find AkD innocent.

Ray: The kid is good.

Johnson: "It seems unanimous, the case is dropped. Don't forget to tune in to Hit The Rope Radio every Wednesday at 6pm EST. Now would you excuse me".

Ron gets out of his seat and pulls a stunner on Joe Burgett. Johnson throws out beers out to RNN and Dynasty Manifesto. Stone Cold music plays throughout the court, as everyone celebrates.

Sugar Shane picks up Uno's briefcase and to see what he had inside. They're were some  bird seeds, BK Kids club tickets, The Assassin's creed and...


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JLB shakes AkD's hand as an collaboration seems to be foreshadowed. Everyone has beer when The Godfather theme breaks out. Josh Swell comes out with numerous models and everyone parties while Burgett continues to receive finishers in the background.

Demetrus Stokes leg drops him, TJ Duncan Rockbottoms him. DKA thanks everyone including JLB's miracle save. DKA announces J.R BBQ ribbs on the house and everyone heads out to get some smoking ribs. Manifesto out! BIG TIME!

Wrestlemania 22's theme plays as camera fades out.