Survivor Series: The WWE and World Titles Don't Need to Be Defended on Every PPV

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistNovember 3, 2012

Photo uploaded to Twitter by @CMPunk
Photo uploaded to Twitter by @CMPunk

This past Monday we found out that WWE Champion CM Punk would not be defending his title at Survivor Series this year due to the fact that he is captaining a team to take on Team Foley.

This seems like an odd move on WWE's part since the WWE title is their flagship championship and it gets defended on every PPV like clockwork.

But, does WWE need to have a WWE title match on every single PPV?

This is certainly a question that will have some people split and for good reason.

The WWE title is viewed as the top title despite how they try and portray the World title as being equal and having a PPV without the chance of a WWE title change might run the risk of some people not thinking it will be worth buying.

However, this PPV is only three weeks after Hell in a Cell and that means WWE could have Punk still technically meet his requirement of defending the title every 30 days by having a title match on Raw at some point.

This 30-day rule is not one WWE has kept up over the years and I would not be shocked if many people did not know it supposedly existed.

The fact is the WWE title does not need to be defended on every PPV simply because WWE has built up two top champions.

I have been advocating for the titles to be defended every other PPV on a rotation with the big four events having both titles on the line at once for a while now.

This would allow WWE to build major feuds over longer periods of time without having too many title matches between them in the same amount of time.

We don't need another John Cena vs. Edge feud where they face each other nearly every PPV.

Take Sheamus vs. Big Show for example. This feud is just getting good after their all-out war at Hell in a Cell and they are set for a rematch only three weeks later.

A rotating schedule would allow them to skip Survivor Series and have a match at TLC.

The downside to this way of thinking is that WWE sometimes has trouble maintaining a feud for a long time without if getting boring or annoying.

Sheamus and Big Show were painful to watch during some of their promos leading up to their match at HIAC, but the match itself was awesome.

Both men showed why they are where they in WWE by having one of the best matches either man has had in months, maybe longer.

CM Punk will probably be back to defending his title when the next PPV rolls around which will make whatever WWE title match they decide on that much more anticipated due to the break.

WWE did, at one point, do something similar to a rotating schedule back when Raw and SmackDown were portrayed as competing events with their own PPV events, but WWE ditched that concept after a few years.

What I propose is better simply because it does not limit the participants of the overall PPV to just one show's roster.

2013 will have 12 PPV events so we will use that as an example. Here is a schedule for how I feel the titles could be rotated on the different PPVs.

  • Royal Rumble-Both titles
  • Elimination Chamber-World title
  • WrestleMania- Both titles
  • Extreme Rules-WWE title
  • Capital Punishment-World title
  • Money in the Bank-WWE title
  • SummerSlam-Both titles
  • Night of Champions-World title
  • Over the Limit-WWE title
  • Hell in a Cell-World title
  • Survivor Series-Both titles
  • TLC-WWE title

The best thing about a setup like this is that they do not have to leave the champion who is not defending his title off the card completely.

If the World champion is defending on a PPV then the WWE champion could take part in a tag match, sit in on commentary, accompany someone else to the ring for a match or even be a special guest ref.

The ways to keep the people not on the card in front of the fans are endless in WWE which is one big reason a schedule like this could end up working out.

UFC and boxing federations do not have their top champion defend on every show, so why should WWE be held to a higher standard?

These men and women destroy themselves all year and even a small break like what I have proposed for the top champions could go a long way towards keeping them happy and healthy.


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