The New York Yankees Won't Sell Me Tickets

Mets PoliceSenior Analyst IMarch 15, 2009

As I've been honest about before, when I'm not in Flushing I like to attend baseball games.  I used to have a small plan in the Bronx where I'd go and drink some beers in the uppers.

This year the Yankees won't sell me tickets.

I'm not going to make it out like I'm one of those guys who has had section one for 20 years and was sent to the back row of the bleachers behind a pole, Tuesdays only.

I'm just a newbie with a small el-cheapo plan. They won't sell me tickets.

I filled out my relocation package way back when, and every day I click to see if I have an invoice.  Nope.  My friends all got theirs but not me.  You'd think it would be the Mets who hate me not the Yankees.

So i clicked the "email us" tab:

Nick Fugazy is your New York Yankees contact.

You can reach Nick at (718) 293-6000
Email Nick your questions or comments.

I wrote you Nick.  Nick doesn't write back.  I also defy anyone to call that number and get a human in under a half hour.

I'd like to give you some money.  Drop me a note at shannonshark at gmail dot com if you or your boss says this.  I'm even going to type George Steinbrenner, Hank Steinbrenner and Hal Steinbrenner into this sentence for no reason other than hoping I make your Google Alert.

I'd like to give you money. Now, to be fair you do seem willing to sell me tickets at $350 per seat but I can't roll like that. Sit behind the pole, Tuesdays only. That's fine. I just want to have a beer.

How about it Nick, how about a shout back?

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