How B/R Turned Out to Be the Re-Ignition

Ricky BhatiaContributor IMarch 15, 2009

Wrestling had always captivated and captured me tight since my little days. I remember how would I eagerly wait for the entire week and cancel all the chores to catch raw on star sports on Thursdays. As a kid, I was mesmerised by the action that I came across....

I remember trying to replicate the same moves on my buddies, sister, and parents. Well, how badly I tried to stun people...or a choke slam on which I never had a pinch of success.

My pillow always was on receiving end of a last ride and a tombstone...and I found a new way to finally get a choke slam done, I tried it in a swimming pool. Buoyancy does make people lighter! Archimedes to the rescue. 

And the endings were explosive, always a surprise, a hat trick, magic wand does it again. After the pay per views I was left dreaming of the consequences. And when my guy was on losing foul I bad I felt...felt like myself land in the ring and giving that heel guy a beating of a lifetime.

Even I had my own fantasized versions of TV shows where I was the writer, the announcer, the heel, the face all myself...much similar to what greg and others have been doing hereand at the pay per views, I would exude all my energy to make it an affair to remember.

And the same I felt this week when HHH crashed into orton's home and put him through the window and later I tried an RKO on a peer.

Now the B/R part.

Well, after my schooling, I was put up in hostel last year to get my engineering degree. Very bad, no access to a TV there, so no WWE. My only touch with wwe was through

For most part of the year in did keep a track on the ongoing storylines and matches…but my love and passion were on a diminishing end. I grew more a habit to me rather than a thirst. I no longer cried that Kane is being wasted.

Till I stumbled upon this B/R thing, I firstly got to it searching for some spoilers and early predictions…and used it for the same in the early part till I got more into it.

My early recollects were dozens of articles speculating chistian's return. I read so many of them that I myself began to ponder how will he return. That set me I was myself predicting, seeing many rumble predictions.

Not to mention the fantasized versions of wrestling by ray, anonymous guy, and others. And some articles which I could relate with...ones from the heart.

And now my most time would pass reading the great articles put up here, but the flame took its peak last week ending of raw. I felt the same rush of blood—not the childish one but felt B/R did it for me...

I am again complaining for Kane.


That was one from the heart and hope heart break kid breaks the streak at WM.

I always was on a high about test guy...had made him even a world champion in my shows.