Is Martin Gerber Playing Himself into a Job Next Year?

Shane House@sghcantcopyAnalyst IMarch 15, 2009

With the exception of last night's 8-6 win, Martin Gerber's play in net has been solid. In every game that he has played, he has given the Leafs a chance to win.

He has also shown that he still has the ability to make the big save when needed to.

Before this, when he played for the Ottawa Senators, he showed no confidence. Even while playing with the AHL team, the Binghamton Senators, he only had three out of five possible wins and a 3.15 GAA.

Those type of numbers really could harm your chances at sustaining an NHL career.

But, luckily for Gerber, Brian Burke was in the market for a goaltender to replace Vesa Toskala, because neither Curtis Joseph nor Justin Pogge seized the opportunity to start.

So it was a match made in heaven.

At worse, Gerber could have just finished out the season on an average note and walked off into the sunset to never be heard from again.

Instead, the 34-year-old Swiss might as well have saved his career so far—showing that he can still play at a high level. If he can keep this up, he might be playing himself into a longer stay with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

With the expected retiring of Joseph at the end of this season, and the obvious fact that Pogge is just not ready for the NHL yet, it looks like there will be an opening beside Toskala next season.

The only problem I could see happening with this is Gerber not accepting that he would be a backup for this team. But, hopefully, he is willing to accept that. Because, by the looks of it, Toskala needs a little competition in net, and Gerber is just the type of goaltender who could give it to him.

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