What If WWE Made a Film, Who Would You Pick?

Robin RichardsContributor IMarch 15, 2009

Here's an interesting fantasy piece in need of feedback, everyone is welcome to put down there own cast,

I've always wondered if a top film company was to make a film/documentary about the behind the scenes action in the WWE at the current period who would play who?

Mine is below. Can you imagine something being drawn up and released, I believe if this was to happen WWE would gain more fans and people would get a view as to what happens in the wrestling industry.

If a film about wrestling can build an actor like Mickie Rourke back to his best, then imagine what it could do for others.

Lets see what you all have. Don't forget the current period in WWE only, no earlier no later.

My cast is as follows:


Triple H - Richard Dean Anderson

(Triple H is my favourite wrestler and i would love to see McGyver on the big screen, granted Richard would have to bulk up a hell of a lot, and gain a more manly voice, this would be a big test and put Richard back on the map.)


Edge - Steve Buscemi

(Steve was great in Desperado and The Big Lebowski; it would be interesting to play a more serious role, plus he has a similar mouth full of teeth.)


Christian - Daniel Craig

(Daniel would play Christian to a T, but for Daniel he would have to lose weight, they also have similar facial features, and to see Daniel looking out at the Peeps would be a great laugh.)


Kane - Robert Downey Jr.

(Impressed by Iron Man; Robert has the size and skills needed to play the big red monster)


Undertaker - Jeff Bridges

(Again loved Jeff as the dude in The Big Lebowski, And would love to see Robert vs Jeff.)


Ric Flair - Jack Nicholson

(Who better could play the limousine riding jet flying son of a gun, Jack can play any role and this one I feel would be ideal for him, They both have a wild edge and gel perfectly, Jack would need to tone up slightly though.)


Vince McMahon - Kevin Spacey

(This is the biggest role I feel and someone who can be evil, kind, and business like was hard to find but Kevin would more than take the challenge, Think American Beauty/Glengarry Glen Ross/Superman Returns, all of Vince has been played out by Kevin Spacey.)


Seven picks each, small description for the reasons for the picks, all to be completed before April 1. Each Article will be scored and winner will be announced on Aprill 2.