Major League Baseball and the Secret Scrolls

Joseph JoveContributor IMarch 15, 2009

Yes we have all heard it all before, "it was a survey, it's not right to show the list." Not right for whom? The players on that list who cheated the game?

Oh, so now MLB wants to play fair! They want to be fair to the same individuals who took it upon themselves to cheat the players who played clean and the record books.

The truth is, those players who used performance enhancing drugs do not deserve to be protected and neither does baseball. That secret list needs to be exposed, for a great many reasons.

Keeping that list unexposed makes no sense now that A-ROD has been leaked. It will just postpone the inevitable, sooner or later other names will be leaked one by one.

If baseball was smart, they would decide to get it over with right now. For one, it has already lost the cache of their next home run champion. When A-ROD breaks the home run record, and one day he will, it will be tainted.

Think about this, what if A-ROD's name did not come out recently. We would have had a home run champion one day that played dirty, how is that fair to Aaron? It's not, but baseball wants to be fair to the wrong people.

There are other sports more popular than baseball, but nothing is more sacred in American sports than the baseball record books. The record books are the Bible of sports in this country.

We can still save the validity of those record books if we act now and expose the cancer that is threatening it and the game we love. Only then can we truly admire the numbers and the names that make up that precious piece of American history.

Bud Selig needs to show some courage and a spine. All that he is doing now is prolonging the black eye that baseball has been given by those that he is currently protecting-he is on the wrong side of history.

Exposing that list will prevent the players that did play clean to reap the benefits of not being included along with those that played dirty. Unless that list is shown, we will think that every great player was juicing.

How is that fair to the players who achieved their numbers through hard work?

Imagine this, You are a Major League ballplayer who never injected or popped pills or even smothered a cream. Some fool will come up to you and say " ah, those numbers are not valid, you played in the steroid era".

The Mitchell Report came out and said names, am I right?, so I don't see a problem why baseball can't do the same. Why are they protecting some and not others? You either protect everyone or you don't.

Bud Selig is foresaking baseball over a lousy 2003 survey. I think he is making a grave error by not standing up for the truth. You can never go wrong when your on the side of truth.

Let's put all of this behind us and move on.There is only one way to do it, open the secret scrolls.

My name is Joseph Jove, and I want to read names.