Horrible High School Football Snap Ends in Pick-6 Interception

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By the end of this video, you will have seen just about everything sports has to offer. 

This is exactly what happens when a snap goes horribly awry: A normally impossible interception is successfully run the other way for the rare pick-six off a snap. 

That's right, a snap. Normally there isn't enough time for any defender to get their mitts on the ball, even in a ridiculously long shotgun formation. 

That means this may also be one of the worst snaps we have ever seen. Yahoo! Sports reports on this moment of fail from a high school game in Kansas between Dodge City and Garden City.

The report explains what could have happened here. Garden City quarterback Mason Temple and center Mitch Morris may have had their wires crossed, one thinking a shotgun snap was needed while the other thought otherwise. 

Hilarity then ensues. Immanuel Galloway, the young man who intercepted the gaffe, spoke to reporters:

I just wanted to win. We had to bring it home for the seniors and we wanted to win at home. I just thought that I had to get this and score on this. This could be a game-changer and I was surprised. All I was thinking was 'I'm getting this.

For our purposes, the defensive back saw this football just flying into the air and began salivating at the easy pickings.  Just when you think snapping the ball could be the easiest play in football, something like this happens. 

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