Jason Kidd: The Mentor for Monta

Garlic boyCorrespondent IMarch 15, 2009

The Golden State Warriors have a bunch of good players, but they lack a pass first point guard to maximize the running and shooting ability of the roster.

With no immediate impact PG available in the draft (assuming the Ricky Rubio reports are true and he stays in Europe), the only other PG options available for the Warriors are through trades (not likely), free agency and the hope that Monta develops into a PG.

Bay Area native Jason Kidd is an upcoming free agent who has always stated that he would love to play in the Bay.  What better way to end a career than in your hometown playing as well as mentoring?

Jason Kidd would be the perfect part-time PG and mentor for Monta.  As a player, Kidd would get the ball to Belinelli, CJ, Buike and Morrow, for open threes, get the team running as players who run would be rewarded with lay-ups or dunks. 

He would also get the team to play defense as Kidd is a PG who has always hustled and played hard on the defensive end of the floor.

As a mentor, Kidd has helped Deron Williams, and hopefully he can help Monta in his approach and how to view the game as a PG.

The Warriors have the talent to be good team.  Anthony Randolph has the look and desire to be a superstar.  Monta has superstar quickness and scoring ability.  Jackson is a do it all wing.  Biedrins is a double/double center.  Turiaf is AB's shotblocking energy flowing back-up. 

Buike, CJ, and Morrow are hungry free agents who take nothing for granted.  Maggette is primed to be the first player to win the sixth man of the year award four years in a row.  And the Warriors still have two young players in Belinelli and Wright who have shown that they are NBA level contributors.

Sign Kidd to be the PG leader that this teams lacks.   He's not the long term solution, but he can help this team find it's way.