WWE Network: 'Most Interactive Network in the World' Remains Inactive

Bill Atkinson@@BAtkinson1963Analyst INovember 1, 2012

WWE officials are saying it's not in the best interest of its investors to say when the long-awaited WWE Network will launch.
WWE officials are saying it's not in the best interest of its investors to say when the long-awaited WWE Network will launch.

Here we go again.

WWE continues to promise to roll out the long-awaited WWE Network, even going as far as to announce Nov. 1 that the wrestling channel will be premium-based. That means if you want it, you will have to pay for it.

According to a report on WrestlingNewsWorld.com, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon claimed in a conference call with WWE investors that it will be “the most interactive network in the world” and will be carried by all the major cable players.

Sure, they sing like a canary when talking about what will be on the network. Yet when pressed to give a launch date, the cat eats the canary.

According to the WNW report, WWE claims it’s not “in the best interests of their shareholders at this time to discuss potential WWE Network launch dates.”

And that leads to one question: What about the best interests of the WWE Universe? They keep telling us it’s coming, but they won’t say when. Certainly the WWE Universe deserves better than this.

It’s like being promised an iPhone 5 for Christmas and winding up getting a Jitterbug.

Certainly, WWE fans deserve more than just the "coming soon" line. I don’t know how much interest fans had in a network devoted 24/7 to wrestling. But it had to have been substantial because WWE would not have even considered such an idea if no one cared.

It's like the little boy who cried "Wolf." He hollered it so much that eventually no one came when the wolf finally did appear.

Is the WWE Network a digitized version of that old story? It's starting to look like it.

This project has had more starts and stalls than an old car. WWE hyped it quite heavily in 2011, announcing a lineup that included both new and old programming. The most intriguing program to me was a “Big Brother”-type reality show where WWE legends live together in a house and all their moves would be chronicled.

Aren’t you just dying to see Mean Gene Okerlund walking around in his underwear and whining that Roddy Piper keeps leaving the seat up? Sounds like appointment television to me.

Its launch was supposed to coincide with WrestleMania 28 last April. But those plans were slammed down harder than a Wade Barrett Wasteland finisher.

Now, who knows?

WWE management does—and they’re not saying.

Has anyone checked the calendar lately to see when Hell is scheduled to freeze over? Because two days after that, Mean Gene, Rowdy Roddy and all their pals will finally make it to air.

As they say in the TV biz…stay tuned.

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