Dan Haren Trade Rumors: 4 Signs He Will End Up with the Boston Red Sox

Robert Knapel@@RobertKnapel_BRCorrespondent INovember 1, 2012

Dan Haren Trade Rumors: 4 Signs He Will End Up with the Boston Red Sox

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    The Los Angeles Angels will soon have to make a decision with Dan Haren. They can trade him, pick up his option and keep him or simply let him become a free agent.

    Jim Bowden of ESPN has reported that the Angels are talking to a number of different teams about potential deals involving Haren before the Friday, November 2nd deadline that they have on his option.

    Of all the teams that are potentially interested in trading for Haren, the Boston Red Sox stand out as one of the most likely destinations. Haren could be the player that they need to start getting the team back on track.

The State of the Red Sox Rotation

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    Last season, Clay Buchholz was the best pitcher in the Boston Red Sox starting rotation. During the 2012 season, he posted an 11-8 record, but also had an ugly 4.56 ERA and a 95 ERA+.

    Boston needs a pitcher that can step in and become an ace. Dan Haren struggled in 2012, but he has demonstrated in the past that he can be the leader of a rotation. Turing around the Red Sox will start with their rotation and Haren can be the first step of that change.

Boston Can Take on All of Haren's Contract

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    Dan Haren is owed $15.5 million if his option is picked up for the 2013 season. The Boston Red Sox can take on that contract and still have a lot of payroll flexibility this winter.

    In addition to being able to afford Haren for the 2013 season, the Red Sox have the financial means to lock Haren up to an extension if he is able to look like a Cy Young candidate once again. While it may be a risk to pay Haren in 2013 in the hopes that he can turn things around and be re-signed, it seems like a good decision for Boston considering their limited potential in the rotation. 

The Talks About Including Vernon Wells

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    Mike DiGiovanna of the Los Angeles Times has mentioned that the Boston Red Sox might be interested in Vernon Wells if it meant that they could acquire Dan Haren. Gordon Edes of ESPN Boston has said that Wells might not be a bad addition for the Red Sox.

    The simple fact that Wells' name has been brought up shows that there is likely progress towards a deal. This would not have occurred if the Red Sox and Angels did not have positive discussions involving Haren earlier this week.

Haren Thinks He Is on the Way Out

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    Dan Haren apparently believes that he will be on a new team by Saturday morning. He has noted that he has "had just a bit of dialogue with the Angels about my situation, but I’m kind of getting the feeling that I'll be traded" (h/t Mark DiGiovanna of the Los Angeles Times).

    Given the fact that the Angels would rather get something in return for Haren as opposed to just losing him as a free agent, it is not surprising that Haren thinks that he is on the way out. While this sign could point to a number of different teams, the Red Sox have a number of prospects that the Angels would love to get their hands on.