Why We Seattle Seahawks Fans Should Be Excited About Corey Redding

Chad LewisContributor IMarch 15, 2009

I woke up this morning after hearing rumors about the Peterson/Redding trade. I went to the computer and sure enough the first thing I see on foxsports.com is "Julian Peterson to Detroit."

At first I was pretty upset as many Seahawks fans were and are. But, then I got to thinking and I have thought of some very good reasons of why we the 12th man should be pretty excited about this trade.

First of all I would like to say that I am not saying that Cory Redding is the greatest player in the NFL which he is obviously not, and I am not trying to make it out to seem that way.

For one though, Cory Redding (28) has been stuck in Detroit and believe it or not with a good supporting cast of players on his side of the ball he can be the player that signed that big contract recording eight sacks/48 tackles in 2006.

I believe that the main cause for his decline in stats is because he did not have that supporting cast in Detroit. Since he did not have any reasonably good talent along side him the opposing team would double team him if need be whenever they wanted.

Secondly, he is a pretty hefty man weighing in at 295 lbs. 6'4", plays very physically, gives it 110% every time he steps out on the field, is great at stopping the run, and has great character.

Thirdly, he is extremely versatile, I mean you have to admit that lining him up next to Kerney would be a pretty damn strong and dangerous side with Mebane and Cole plugging up the middle and Leroy Hill on the outside.

The reason why I myself am not upset about this trade is because Julian is an extremely talented player, but somehow as many people have said he just did not mesh with the team.

He was a player sitting in the corner of the room quietly racking up his pro bowl stats. Trust me I am not saying that Julian was a quiet player. He was a highlight real and split the sould of the D with Tatupu.

When I say that Julian Peterson is a player sitting in the corner of the room quietly racking up his pro bowl stats im saying that he was getting his stats but was not helping getting the Seahawks over the hump.

Another reason I am not upset about him leaving is that although he is a great player, alot of people forget that he was not the first choice for the Pro Bowl. If I remember correctly he was starting to get burned more often recently.

For example, in the Pro Bowl this year he was getting absolutely worked trying to cover Tony Gonzalez.

Fourthly, The Seahawks were going to release Peterson no matter what after he refused to take the pay cut yesterday.

So in my mind it is a steal that the hawks were able to regain their fifth round pick which they lost to the Broncos last season in a desperate move to scrape a WR out of there system to help out immediately which didn't pan out at alllllllllllll for the Seahawks!

Plus the hawks received a versatile DT/DE who can be used on either side which is slightly better then average.

So in the end Julian Peterson was a great player just didn't work out for the Hawks and the Lions grabbed a great guy in and out of the locker room.

As for the Hawks they get bigger up front and now have a greater chance of picking up Aaron Curry if they are looking into that with serious interest which I do not see why they would not.

Many people believe that he will not get past the Lions or the Chiefs, but the reasons why I believe he will are because for one, the Lions drafting a QB in Matt Stafford form is about 80%, and the Chiefs just received Matt Cassell and they will most likely want to make sure that he will not be eating the grass every play which is why I believe they will draft Jason Smith OT from Baylor.