What Is Next to Come in NASCAR?

Gayle SuskoContributor IMarch 15, 2009

The first four weeks of NASCAR have proven to be interesting to say the least. So, what can be expected over the next four races?

I am placing my picks of whom to watch and what still needs to be done.The one name that comes to mind is Jeff Gordon.

I do see that Jeff will break his long losing streak and get that well-deserved win. Jeff has had a good start to the season, and yes it is still early but, if he can stay consistent, those wins will come.

I am making a wild card pick with Robby Gordon to also break out with a well deserved win. I think Robby is headed in the right direction and keeps getting better each week and being more consistent.

If all the stars do align, it will break him free from the pack of Toyota engine problems that have erupted this season. I think Toyota has had plenty of time to figure out what is going wrong and is on top of correcting it sooner rather than later.

Robby is the only owner/driver left with a single-car team this year and if there was any driver to bet on, Robby is that driver!

The next driver who has a great chance at getting a win over the next four races is Carl Edwards. Carl is also in the hunt for another win at Bristol. Carl runs well at this track and I feel that his winning streak will continue. Carl has been consistent for the first four races and will see a win within the next four races.

The last driver that I feel that has a great chance at winning in the next four races is Clint Bowyer. Clint won last year at Richmond, but now that he is with a new team this year, it is quite possible that he can pull off an upset win.

He is No. 2 in the points standings and anything is possible. I think he can pull some tricks out of his sleeve and shake up the standings with a win.

I think Toyota is on the right path in finding out the cause for the engine failures, but I don't think that they will prove to be much of a win factor until the problem is fully resolved.

Hendrick is the powerhouse this year and with four top drivers, they will be a force to be reckoned with. As for Ford, I think that without critical wins at dominating tracks, I don't see them shaking things up much.

The first four races have proven to be exciting for the most part. I think fans are in for some real exciting racing in the coming races. So we shall see what the future will hold and can any of my picks prove to be true.