Some ShoutOuts and Problems with the B/R Pro Wrestling Community

KumarCorrespondent IMarch 15, 2009

Let’s start this thing off by saying that I absolutely love this writing community. I believe that B/R is the best place on the Net right now to talk wrestling, and this system of writing out your ideas in articles and commenting your life out in them is a great way to tell your mind.

Like I say on my profile (although I had a friend write it up, so it’s probably somewhat inaccurate), I came here through multiple Google searches on insider stuff which kept leading me here.

I’ve been here for four months, made friends with some great guys (shoutin’ out Shane, Josh Swell, Jason, Mina, Jev, Daris, Demetrus, Srikanth, Ray, and AkD), and have been on a roll (for me) as of late. 

But like all places I’ve went to (MySpace, Facebook, blogs, more blogs, random forums during PPVS at JustIn.TV, etc.) there are some serious problems that I feel that I gotta take off my chest here…

There are really two parts to this (just like everything else, right?): Problems, and my address to the writers. Here goes…


The Ranking System (hear me out here…I DON’T CARE!!!)

I never cared for rankings, but when it affects my reads, I’m starting to get mad here. For example, if you guys feature the top five on the front page, how in the blue hell does anyone else get the reads they need??

I know I don’t get more than 150 on an article, even if it is featured. Joe Burgett gets over 300 at a time, and it shows. Although he gets only, what, 20-25 comments (when I’ll get over 30 nowadays), he gets double or even triple the reads as I would. 

What I’m not liking is I’m not a lazy human, I’m not, but when I publish, I have to send out about 20 to 30 links just to get my article read.  With this, unless we have 15 AkDs, the rankings won’t change, and the Top 5 will stay the Top 5. All they have to do is publish an article every couple days, and they’ll be there. 

For new writers, what happens when you don’t get your stuff featured and you don’t get the gist of things at B/R, you’ll get less opportunity than if you get here, start busting your ass every time you get on and then MAYBE, if the Top 5 isn’t that stable, you’ll get on there.

Also, if you’re already featured as the Top 5, you really can’t be featured on the Front Page headlines. It’s just a waste of space, guys.


When someone here publishes an article, their job is simple: send out a link to your article. Some people will send out just the URL, others will send out fake notes saying what-not about their article.

Usually, people will get the tags out by copying and pasting, and then they’ll send it out to all of the PW Community. 

I would swear an oath for this, I really would, but if you track down ANY of my tags where I would write something, I never copy and paste anything. I just think that’s stupid to do, and insincere. 

If anyone leaves something on my profile, I’ll only read it if you’re a friend and I know your writing, a fan, or if you give me a sincere tag. I’m just sick and tired of being the only one who makes up their own tags…

Those are the two main problems with B/R right now. Anything else? Tell me, I’d love to hear; otherwise I’ll keep you posted. Now I’d just love to leave notes of people, LOL. Some are serious and that’ll be obvious…

Josh Swell: I’ve been single and great for the last six months, and have been “getting enough” thank you, but guess what?? Because of you, I now seemingly ask a different blonde model type out every time I look at your profile picture. Guess what?? I say no every time…

Other than that, Josh, why do you have to write sooo many great pieces???

Srikanth Dileep: Introducing to the guy with the world’s longest comments!!!

Ray Bogusz: This guy isn’t the resident doctor here, he’s the resident father. He’s always the one with the best-written stuff (poet), so Ray, I know you’re reading, so to you, this is poetry, bitch!

Shane Howard: You are one of my go-to guys here on B/R, you get me through the messes that are here, and you were my unknowing, humorous, and partial mentor. We’ve had our debates, but I’m certain that you’ll agree when I say….I’m still yo P/R on tha B/R, sucka!!!

Jason Le Blanc: You’re a good addition to B/R, but your articles are longer than my over-sized (censor). That’s one really, really long article, and just ask any of my clients. If RNN needs any racial balance, I’m available for hire.

But dude, you’ve gotten places (Top 5 and WrestleMania 24) that I’ll get in a long time later. Give me some WrestleMania tips, I’m probably going to WrestleMania 27 in Indianapolis.

AkD: This is the article-writing machine, the future Numero Uno, the next Joe Burgett (without the antics, of course)!!! AkD, you’re headed high on B/R, but I want to say…thanks, for this…

Dr. Kumar: Sooo….AkD, any last words??? (He just won Who Wants to be an Idiot!!!)

AkD: Well, I did have something on Shelton Benjamin…. (cringe).

AkD then went on for eight hours on how great Shelton Benjamin was, how much he wanted to get with his momma, how he dressed like him last year for Halloween, how he puts water on his face and wears gold tights before he goes to his classes in the mornings, how he eats ONLY when Shelton wins by pinfall, not countout or disqualification (this happened four years ago), how he sold Girl Scout Cookies with Shelton last night, and many, many other “achievements” on how his life revolved around his lust…I mean, love (whoops!) for Shelton.

AkD….thanks for absolutely nothing. =)

????? (this is serious here, serious, I say!): Uno, you’re the top writer here on PW, and eighth on all of B/R. That’s one hell of an achievement. Like I said, I’ve been here four months.

In four months, I’ve noticed a change in you, as new writers came on, such as M, TJ, Jason, and AkD. The new writers came on, and at first, I had all the respect in the world for you, Uno.  Then, I started to lose it quickly. Why? You showed us your true self by not handling yourself. If someone makes fun of you, stand up the right way, you genius!!

You showed us an attitude a wrestler had in a storyline (bad sign, man), and an ego bigger than Rikishi’s ass. If you go on the Rankings page on B/R (overall), all the descriptions are general, at best. They don’t show-off themselves. Yours?

It starts out with….


Wow. Way to give a great rep from our section.

You changed your material, and stopped writing articles that were worthy of attention.

You stopped all your good stuff; your series, your opinion on different things. You started to attack writers, and your attacks were ineffective (and weak). During this right here, to counter M, you created your own “faction,” the Assassins. What a name! C’mon Uno, this is a sportswriting site, not a Paul Heyman promotion. Then you tried humor. Everything started to go down here…

You started to publish humor pieces, which were the only thing worse than your insults. You were ripping other people’s material, like Jason’s RNN, and AkD’s Manifesto.  This isn’t plagiarism, but still isn’t the best way to get a laugh. “JOE, dos, tres” was the first, and hopefully (as you deleted it) the last.

I still read your stuff when it’s good (guys, check out that John Cena thing yesterday, that was great), but I’ve got my problems. I don’t hate you, but I don’t like your antics as Numero Uno at all, man, change things up. 

That’s my input, and if you can’t bear it, I’m ready, give me all ya’ll got guys, because like always, I’m down…


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