Fantasy Double Coverage: Kurt Warner vs. Matt Cassel

Tosten HeathSenior Analyst IMarch 15, 2009

The two biggest stories at the quarterback position this off-season have revolved around Kurt Warner and Matt Cassel.

After a few weeks of trickery, lies, and deceit, otherwise known as negotiation, Warner re-signed with the Arizona Cardinals. After a little bit of, uh, probably blackmail, Matt Cassel was traded from the Patriots to the Chiefs.

Both had tremendously productive 2008 seasons, and both will be highly touted for 2009.

But who would win in a caged, jitsu gladiator, snowball-fight, death match? Or, interpreted, who do we think is more valuable? Ya trip ya!

Alex Kozora:

Tosten Burks:
Let's not get ahead of ourselves, Warner is clearly the superior quarterback.
Even with Randy Moss, Wes Welker, and a great coaching staff, Warner blew Cassel's numbers out of the water.
The veteran threw nine more touchdown passes and nearly 1,000 more yards than did his New England counterpart. That goes along with Warner's 67.1 completion percentage and 7.7 YPA, both of which were better than Cassel's 63.4 and 7.2 in respective categories.
Remember, that was last year with New England. And while the Chiefs have a few decent paintings in the museum, Cassel's downgrading.
On the other hand, Warner's staying in Arizona to the delight of all Cardinals fans. Anquan Boldin doesn't appear to be on the verge of being traded, and Steve Breaston really emerged last year, catching 77 passes for just over 1,000 yards.
'Zona is still lacking a running game, and it's likely not to get much better with the likely departure of Edge James.
Another thing to consider: Chan Gailey is still in Kansas City as the offensive coordinator. And while the Chiefs got away from the running game last year, mostly due to necessity, he's still a run-minded coach.
It'll also be interesting to see how Cassel adjusts to a new offensive coordinator and coaching staff as a whole. Bear in mind he's always been with Josh McDaniels and the group in New England.
Perhaps you had to sell your soul to the Devil in some sort of fiddle playing contest, Mr. Burks. Because all things considered, I don't see how you can rank Cassel over Warner.
I'll make this clear. Kurt Warner is a great guy. He had a great season. He's a great story. Those e-mails about him and his wife are just dandy.
But it's only going down from here.
The guy will be 38 next year. The incessant Anquan Boldin trade rumors are the plague to Warner's value. Dude threw 30 touchdowns with the best wide receiver corps in the National Football League. And it doesn't really look like he'll have that same wide receiver corps in 2009.
To continue, Todd Haley is gone. The pass happy mastermind behind Arizona's offensive success is not in Arizona anymore. You know where he went?
Kansas City.
You know who else went there?
Matt Cassel.
Mancrush or not, I don't see how Cassel's '09-and-onward prospects can't be viewed with overflowing optimism.
Haley is a genius. Warner loved him. Like teenage-girl-B.F.F. loved him. And now he is gone. He has moved on to the next QB that he will take and turn into a star.
The best part is that it won't be a revitalization. Cassel is 26. Last season was virtually his rookie year, his first time starting since high school. And in it, Cassel dropped 23 scores and 3,900 yards. Matt Ryan didn't touch that.
Under Haley, with the rising Dwayne Bowe and the ever studly Tony Gonzalez, along with the opportunity to be the face of a franchise, Warner won't be able to touch him either.


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