The Preseason Top 25 According to Vegas

Mitch WilsonSenior Writer IMarch 14, 2009

It's never too early for our friends in Las Vegas to start scooping up cash off of know-it-all college football fans and they have released their odds to win it all this upcoming season.

I wasn't even actively looking for these as I was just trying to get lines for the college hoops games I've been covering over at The College Basketball Place.

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But back to College Football, here is who Las Vegas perceives to have the best odds to win the National Championship, and by the way, I have no idea what Tim Tebow is doing in that picture.


#24-27 (Tie) Current Odds: 60-1  Texas Tech, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas

Reesing is back for the Jayhawks. Illinois returns Juice and Benn and should be better than last year. Iowa lost the guy who led their resurgence; and Texas Tech lost the best receiver in the game.


#17-23 (Tie) Current Odds: 50-1 Cal, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Oklahoma State, Penn State, West Virginia, Wisconsin

Even at 50-1, I'm not seeing a ton of value here. All of these teams have big question marks and huge shoes to fill all over. I'll take a pass on these teams, even though I think Noel Devine is going to have a huge year for the Mountaineers.


#15-16 (Tie) Current Odds: 40-1 Oregon, South Florida

Come to think of it, South Florida returns a ton and also has had a year to build depth, they are going to be good. Who knows what to expect from the Ducks? After four QB's in one season, the Ducks are flying with a new head guy.


#14-13 (Tie) Current Odds: 35-1 Clemson, Nebraska

Didn't these two just play in a garbage bowl game? Save your money.


#12 Current Odds: 30-1 North Carolina

If they are up near the top at all, they are going to be scary good. Butch had the Heels a year ahead of schedule last year, this is actually supposed to be "the" year.


#11 Current Odds: 25-1 Alabama

The Tide played a ton of freshmen last year. It looks like the bulk of the country, especially those with enough money to move the odds, don't care.


#8-10 (Tie) Current Odds: 20-1 LSU, Miami, Notre Dame

LSU seems to be a regular in the top ten this decade. It may be a year early for Miami. Notre Dame? I don't make the odds, I'm just writing about what they are.


#7  Current Odds: 18-1 Florida State

Even with the turbulent early off-season, no one is surprised by anything a Bobby Bowden coached team does on a football field. He's done it for too long and too consistently for it to be a surprise.


#6  Current Odds: 15-1  Viriginia Tech

Tyrod Taylor with another year under his belt. Throw in Frank Beamer and Bud Foster and we've seen this all before.


#5 Current Odds: 10-1  Ohio State

Pryor, even without Beanie and all of those defenders still has a pretty high expectation to live up to.


#3-4 ( Tie) Current Odds 8-1  USC, Texas

Even at this ranking, those 8-1 odds look pretty meaty considering you get Colt McCoy and more All-Americans than most conferences. USC was last year's odds-on choice to win it all.


#2 Current Odds: 5-1 Oklahoma

Before I lay those kind of odds, they can at least win a bowl game.


#1 Current Odds 1.75-1  Florida

That is one short price, the lowest I've seen in years. They return a least, they plan to as you never know what the injury bug and other factors have in mind.


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