Oklahoma Sooners' Upcoming Season

Chris FordContributor IMarch 15, 2009

After last season's productive but disappointing season the Sooners look to move forward and get what they have been trying to get since 2000- the BCS National Championship. Led by reigning Heisman trophy winner Sam Bradford they have a really talented team.

Offensively they have Sam Bradford, who had a record-shattering season for them last year, one thousand yard rushers Chris Brown and Demarco Murray, who will be sharing carries.

They have Tight End Jermaine Gresham who is looking to most likely be their leader in receiving yards. At receiver they look to start Ryan Broyles who proved last year that he can make plays and catch the ball.

The No. 2 spot, however, is not clear. There are several names that are possibilities Senior Adron Tennell and Sophomore Jameel Owens are probably the main possibilities. The offensive line is not that clear either but look to be productive due to last year, but they are going to have to do it without Phil Loadholt and Duke Robinson.

Defensively, at safety, after losing Nic Harris and Lendy Holmes they look to start Quinton Carter at the strong spot, and Desmond Jackson at the free.

At cornerback they are still going to have Dominique Franks, and Brian Jackson. They had really productive seasons last year and proved they can intercept the ball pretty easily.

At linebacker they are pretty much set with Travis Lewis, Austin Box, and Keenan Clayton. The linebackers in my opinion seem to be the heart of this defense. Those players have the ability to make big plays especially Box and Lewis.

On the line they have Ends, Frank Alexander, and Jeremy Beal. Gerald McCoy, who is really productive, will be at defensive tackle and Adrion Taylor at nose guard.

They prove they have the team to contend for the title with two thousand yard rushers and a Heisman winning Quarterback. Defense is definitely going to be the question. Whether they will answer remains to be seen but they do have the talent and the ability. It just depends on if they will play up to that ability.

They start out the season at BYU at a neutral stadium at Dallas' new stadium. That game is no pushover game but they should pull out of their with a "W."

Then they come home to face Idaho State. This game is kind of expected to be a blowout but anything can happen in college football.

They face Tulsa at home next. This game shouldn't be that much of a challenge. Tulsa really isn't a bad team but they don't really show the potential to play with the best of the Big 12.

They travel to Miami after that, which looks to be their first real challenge. Miami looks to be improved next year and they are at home so an upset isn't unquestionable.

Then they come back home to Baylor. Again another one of those games where a blowout wouldn't be hard to predict.

Now it's the infamous Red River Rivalry against Texas. Anything can happen with this game. No one really can predict who will win or lose this game. But this game may be the most important game this year for both teams.

They go to Kansas next. Kansas has proved they can play good football; it's just whether or not they do that's going to effect this game.

Then it's back home against Kansas State. This team really doesn't have much of a shot I would say it's safe to say.

Up next it's at Nebraska. This seems to be a "no problem" win for Oklahoma also.

Then it's Texas A&M at home. Most likely another "no problem" win.

At Texas Tech is next. This game is really not sure. Oklahoma could go in and blow this teams out or it could be really close. It all depends on how there new starter play since Tech lost their best offensive threats to the NFL.

Bedlam time against Oklahoma State at home. Definitely not going to be an easy win. This game could go either way also. O-State looks to be even better than they were last year. They are a really dangerous team.

Well judging by the season it isn't out of the question to say that they could have an undefeated record. It won't be easy but it never will be. It's reasonable to say the worst their record should be is a three loss season. That definitely isn't what they are looking for.


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