How Auburn Can Sway 4-Star JUCO WR Quantavius Leslie Away from LSU Tigers

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIIOctober 31, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

Four-star wide receiver Quantavius Leslie is committed to play for the LSU Tigers, but it appears as if the Auburn Tigers may have sparked some interest with the JUCO player during his official visit.

According to Justin Hokanson of, Leslie is friends with current Auburn players Quan Bray and Ricky Parks, whom he grew up with in Georgia. Here is some of what Leslie had to say about his visit, via Hokanson's report:

"It was fun," Leslie said. "I haven't seen those guys in a while. Just to re-unite with them was good. I met Greg (Robinson) for the first time last night and he's a real cool dude. Reuben Foster is a commitment, but I'm pretty cool with him.

"It does a lot for me. Those guys are telling me to come here. It's a family. I trust them because I have played with them before. We have been close. I feel like I can trust them and they can trust me."

"It was nice just to get a chance to hang around the players. They treated me like family. Just hanging around the players and coaches and being treated like family even though I'm not committed, that was nice."

Leslie is still an LSU commit mind you, but it does seem like Auburn could have a shot at swaying the 4-star JUCO wideout.

What do they need to focus on in order to make that possible?

I believe the Georgia connection is a huge positive for the Tigers, and it can be used as a big-time foothold to get Leslie to sway. One of the biggest recruiting pitches a program can have is familiar faces that a recruit knows or has even played with before.

I've said it before, but it's worth repeating: The transition from high school to college is an awkward and sometimes hard one, no matter if you're a 5-star recruit or just a student. Being able to provide a recruit with people he knows is huge, especially if they are already on the football team.

Leslie talked about how Auburn treated him like family on his visit, and that's going to be the key if they get him to flip.

Even though Auburn has had a horrible year on the field, it appears as if the players are gelling together like family. Five-star commit Reuben Foster isn't even an official member of the team yet, and he's already trying to motivate the Auburn football community and keep them together.

The great football teams are the ones with players and coaches that trust each other and support each other, and it appears as if Auburn has that type of community.

At the very least, that's the vibe that Leslie seems to be getting, and it could be what helps Auburn flip him away from LSU.

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