Breeders' Cup Santa Anita 2012: Latest Odds on Mucho Macho Man, Dullahan & More

Will Osgood@@BRwillosgoodAnalyst IOctober 31, 2012

Breeders' Cup Santa Anita 2012: Latest Odds on Mucho Macho Man, Dullahan & More

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    The 2012 Breeders' Cup World Championships are two days away (November 2 and 3 at Santa Anita Race Track in Arcadia, California).

    As we all know, horse racing is the ultimate gambling sport. 

    In other words, odds are no more important than in horse racing, and there are some great odds and races to bet on this weekend in Southern California. 

    Here are some of the most well-known and interesting horses to bet on this weekend. 

Classic Division

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    Ron the Greek: 7-1 Odds

    Ron the Greek is third on the list of "favorites." If he comes in third in this race it would be a great accomplishment. 


    Mucho Macho Man: 13-2 Odds

    Mucho Macho Man comes in anywhere from 8-1 to 13-2 odds in this race, as of October 31. For a horse many are excited about, he is not even close to our favored horse. 


    Game On Dude: 7-4 Odds

    According to Breeders' Cup Betting Directory, Game On Dude is either coming in at 7-4 or ultimately 2-1. Of the "favorites" in this race, Game On Dude has the odds with the lowest potential payout. 

Juvenile Sprint Division

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    Merit Man: 6-4 Odds

    Merit Man is not a prohibitive favorite in this race, but he is the favorite nonetheless. 


    Super Ninety Nine: 2-1 Odds

    Most sports books have Super Ninety Nine listed at 2-1, though some list the horse at 7-4, or even 15-8. 


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    Fame and Glory: 4-1 Odds

    Some books have Fame and Glory as low as 9-2, while some come in at 7-2. Most are at 4-1. 


    Atigun: 4-1 Odds

    Atigun is pretty much neck and neck with Fame and Glory. It really just depends on which book you're looking at. The two face the same odds, just in different places. 


    Worth Repeating: 6-1 Odds

    Worth Repeating is behind the previous two horses, but not by much. This horse comes as close as 11-2 odds, but some places is 7-1. 

Dirt Mile

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    Shackleford: 3-1 Odds

    Shackleford comes in as low as 11-4, but across the board is 3-1 otherwise. 


    Emcee: 7-2 Odds

    By and large, Emcee comes in at 7-2, though some go as low as 3-1. One actually has Emcee at 4-1. 


    Jersey Town: 7-2 Odds

    Jersey Town, like Emcee, mostly comes in at 7-2. However, some books go 3-1 or 4-1. 

Turf Sprint

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    Unbridled's Note: 9-2 Odds

    Only one book has odds different to the 9-2 listed here. That book lists this horse at 4-1. 


    Bridgetown: 6-1 Odds

    Some have Bridgetown at 7-1, and one even comes in at 8-1. 


    California Flag: 7-1 Odds

    Just behind Bridgetown is California Flag, who is regularly 7-1 or 8-1. 


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    This slide is different for one reason: Dullahan is one of the most well-known horses (and part of the title) yet comes in fifth in odds to win this race. 

    St. Nicholas Abbey—which has to be the coolest name for a horse ever—(3-1 Odds), Point of Entry (10-3), Shareta (between 7-2 and 5-1) and Trailblazer (between 6 and 7-1) all come in ahead of Dullahan. 

    Dullahan ranges anywhere from 8-1 to 12-1. Clearly this is a horse facing long odds, but has the potential to pull out an upset. 


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