NHL Lockout Figureheads and Their Pop Culture Doppelgangers

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NHL Lockout Figureheads and Their Pop Culture Doppelgangers
photo: articles.latimes.com

The NHL lockout has provided very little in the way of optimism for even the most committed of NHL fans. As a perpetual "glass-half-full" guy, even I am beginning to wonder when the final guillotine will fall on what is left of a potential season.

The negotiations seem to be going nowhere. Neither side really appears that interested in getting a deal done, and frankly, outside of the hardcore hockey fans, no one really seems to care either. The NHL is slowly choking the life out of itself. With greed, arrogance and ignorance ruling the "negotiations," it is looking like the only hockey we will see will have other letters in front of the -HL.

An apparent stay of execution for the Winter Classic may have prolonged the inevitable, if only for a day. If the NHL's regular-season jewel gets flushed, the season will be soon to follow. Then the implosion will be complete. All of the momentum gained, all of the fans that came back after the last lockout, and the emergence of a new generation of stars will now be quite literally put on ice indefinitely.

So, in the meantime, I'll take some time to do some doppelgangers of the key NHL lockout figures. Honestly folks, I would much rather be talking some real hockey analysis, legitimate game breakdowns and player movement, but then again, Bill Daly looks a lot like Jerry Springer's former security guard. Enjoy now!

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