AFC South All-22 Review: Andrew Luck Drives Colts to Victory

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AFC South All-22 Review: Andrew Luck Drives Colts to Victory
Luck is comfortable throwing on the run.

Another week, another game-winning drive for super-rookie Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts.

With his team trailing 13-6 late against the Tennessee Titans, Luck engineered a pair of 80-yard drives to carry his team to a 19-13 win in overtime.

Here are some of the highlights from those two critical series.

The first play of the tying touchdown drive puts Luck's ability to check down on full display.

Reggie Wayne lines up slot right and drags across the middle of the play. T.Y. Hilton comes in motion from the left and winds up next to LaVon Brazill.

The middle linebacker jumps the outside route based on Luck's eyes.

Luck looks right but nothing develops as the middle linebacker jumps hard to the right to take away the in to Brazill. He does this based on Luck's eye line naturally drawing him away from Wayne over the middle.

That leaves Wayne wide open in the zone. Luck senses the timing is wrong on his primary route, hops forward in the pocked and pitches to a wide-open Wayne sitting in the zone.

Luck steps up to get a clear throwing lane to a wide open Wayne.

It's a good secondary read, and he shows excellent footwork to set up a clean throw. Two plays later, he made a similar read, this time to tight end Dwayne Allen, also for a first down.

Later that drive, a false start put the Colts in a 1st-and-15. Luck picked up 14 yards on first down by finding Hilton along the sidelines.

It's a play-action fake, and Luck's primary read is to left. Nothing develops, so he scrambles to the short side of the field.

Nothing is happening to the left, so Luck rolls right.

Just before tossing the ball out of bounds, he sees Hilton on the sideline and fires a dart while getting hit.

With a man in his chest and while running to his right...

Note the accuracy from a player on the move with a man in his face. Hilton taps the toes, secures the ball and sets up 2nd-and-1.

...Luck makes this kind of precise throw.

The biggest throw of the game from Luck was his third-down strike to Reggie Wayne in overtime. With the Colts on the edge of field goal range, he released the ball at the last possible instance to set up the team inside the 20.

A sack in this situation would have dashed the Colts' hopes of scoring first, and handed the Titans the edge.

The Titans put a safety in the middle of the field, and he's looking to double Wayne slot left. However, Allen drags across the middle, and with Luck about to get sandwiched, the help jumps up to cover the tight end.

Note how with Luck being rushed, the safety instincitvely moves to take away the short route.

Allen would have been short of the first down had Luck thrown to him. It was the natural instinct to take away the check-down route with the quarterback under a heavy rush.

Luck gives a shoulder shake, however, and steps forward in the pocket, narrowly avoiding the sack. Now, Wayne has broken clear as the help has moved to cover the tight end.

Luck rips off a bullet which Wayne snags for 20 yards to set up the game-winning score.

We see all Luck's abilities on display in these plays. He's patient, difficult to sack, athletic, makes good reads and doesn't need a perfect pocket to deliver a clean, accurate throw.

Watching his early games is like watching a beautiful building being constructed. There isn't always plaster on the walls, but you can see a solid foundation being placed. Each week, his play grows just a little, and the result will be a sight to behold.

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