Mascotology: South Bracket

Scott BraggContributor IMarch 20, 2008

This is the fourth and final installment of Mascotology before I head off to the first round games myself. I will be watching Duke take on Belmont and my West Virginia Mountaineers take on Arizona following that. Look out for an article tomorrow on my experience at the Verizon Center. For now, on with the mascots.


(1) Tigers vs. (16) Mavericks

I know they are a No. 1 seed, but if the experts are right, they are the most vulnerable one seed. I'm going to have to agree because they are up against a full on bad-ass Top Gun pilot. "Watch out, Ice Man...I am dangerous."

Edge: Texas-Arlington


(8) Bulldogs vs. (9) Ducks

No matter how sick I am of Bulldogs after this thing, I have never seen a duck beat up so much as a fly. They are cute and cuddly and will be given to little girls everywhere this Sunday for Easter. If it was a battle of uniforms, however, Oregon would win the whole thing.

Edge: Mississippi State


(5) Spartans vs. (12) Owls

Have you seen 300? If so, you already know the answer to this one. Nocturnal or not, those birds don't stand a chance.

Edge: Michigan State


(4) Panthers vs. (13) Golden Eagles

Oral Roberts students are are required to sign a pledge stating they will live according to the university's honor code. Prohibited activities include lying, cursing, smoking, drinking, gambling, and a range of sexual acts. You have to imagine "fighting panthers" has to be included somewhere on that list.

Edge: Pitt


(6) Golden Eagles vs. (11) Wildcats

We have two straight battles of Golden Eagles and felines. Although I have seen a wildcat put up a fight before, I am inclined to think this one (Kentucky) would rather curl up in Ashley Judd's lap.

Edge: Marquette


(3) Cardinal vs. (14) Big Red

These two are the exact same thing! How am I supposed to decipher between the many intricacies of the color red? Not even Sherwin-Williams himself could figure this one out. You do have to love that dancing tree out at Stanford though. He is a perennial favorite.

Edge: Stanford


(7) Hurricanes vs. (10) Gaels

The Gaels are an ethnic group native to Ireland. You know, living on an island must make them pretty susceptible to gale force winds. You liked how that one tied together, just admit it.

Edge: Miami

(2) Longhorns vs. (15) Governors

I do not even want to know what would happen if you took McGreavy and Spitzer and put them together in a pen full of cattle. Eww.

Edge: Texas?


That's it for Mascotology 2008, but if like my break out into the bleacher report scene, keep an eye out for more articles and let me know about it.