Why The Vikings Will Win in 2009

Luke BrandeContributor IMarch 14, 2009

In 2008 the Minnesota Vikings posted a record of 10-6, and won the NFC North. Despite doing well overall, several close games, mixed with bad play-calling and less than perfect quarterback play, made Viking fans feel unsatisfied, even when the team won.

So far the 2009 offseason has had little reason to make anyone predict success in 2009.  With the only pickup being Sage Rosenfels from the Texans, and the re-signings of a few players, little is making anyone feel better about the Vikings in 2009.

I am a person who feels differently though. I am a person that believes the Vikings will win in 2009, and this is why.

The 2009 offseason has marked the departure of long-time Viking Matt Birk. His loss from the Center position will leave a gap to be filled, but not a large one. Birk only had a few years left in the tank, and was not a great fit in the zone blocking schemes of Brad Childress.

I predict John Sullivan to come in for Birk, and do very well.

Apart from Birk, most of the key players remain on the roster. With the draft to come, only improvements can be made. 

With their first pick the Vikings will instantly make an upgrade at either Wide Receiver, Right Tackle, or Cornerback. With the rest of the draft, more depth will be added. One thing that has been good about Childress in Minnesota has been his consistency in drafting well, and I expect this draft to be no different.

With the additions of the draft, and any possible free agent signings that could still happen, the Vikings will maintain a talented roster.

The main reason why the Vikings will win in 2009 is because of the Quarterback position. That's right, I believe Sage Rosenfels will make a difference.

Sage Rosenfels has been a backup throughout his NFL career. In his brief time as a starter, he has proven himself capable of leading a team. His stats are not bad, and he has a good arm. He is also a sound decision maker. 

As a quarterback, Rosenfels is a massive improvement over Gus Frerotte, who went 8-3 as a starter for the Vikings last year. If Frerotte can go 8-3, then Sage Rosenfels can do even better.  

With an improved roster, and Rosenfels at QB, I can predict nothing but good things for the Vikings in 2009.