When Will Athletes Grow Up?

Paul VincentContributor IMarch 14, 2009

Athletes today have tons of money and fame.

They grew up to be superstars and were groomed to be superstars. One thing they weren't taught about was how to deal with fame.

I mean, all the training in the world cannot get our athletes ready for fame. Think about Jack Lambert, Jack Tatum and Dick Butkus doing a GAP commercial!

Think of todays athletes and you can see them, in some light, doing a commercial of that nature.

Hollywood and stardom must be so addicting that drugs are only a minor problem in Hollywood society. How are they prepped for this as a college student, trying to juggle sports, girls and academics?

Yes, I realize most college athletes have it made when it comes to college courses, but not all athletes get this treatment. There is so much on the plate of the potenitial superstar athlete.

Just look at Matt Leinart. USC darling to third-string nobody.

It is a topic of concern for many pro organizations. They are taking a gamble on players who have marketability.

Yogi Berra, Mickey Mantle, Jackie Robinson and Roberto Clemente doing Oceans 11.

Never would've happened, but imagine what time would be like reversed, our parents would get the cool stuff and we would be the parents...hell no!

Many athletes cannot live with the fame and make mistakes; OJ Simpson, Ray Caruth, ARod and others.

They just cannot ride the lightning. They were not prepped for this. There is no course to take.

I am a teacher and I try to help my students assimilate to the issues with stardom. Give them some knowledge of mistakes made.

I build it into my curriculum for my seniors, athletes and non. I hope I can help some of these athletes when they reach the fame of the college or pro game.