Halloween 2012: 10 Scariest WWE Superstars of All Time

Luis Campos@luchalibrelife Analyst IOctober 31, 2012

Halloween 2012: 10 Scariest WWE Superstars of All Time

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    Some WWE superstars are designed to be cheerful and colorful (John Cena, Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio), others however are dark creatures. 

    Superstars whose aura of scary inspire fear in the hearts of children everywhere.

    With Halloween just around the corner and the ghost and ghouls roaming around, I thought it would be perfect to make a list of the scariest WWE superstars.

    Imagine that you are a child in the presence of these superstars. Would you be scared?

Kevin Thorn

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    Kevin Thorn first made his WWE debut during the return of ECW.

    His gimmick was that of a bloodthirsty vampire, and his vestment sure pointed this out.

    Thorn would definitely not be a guy you'd want to run into late at night.

Andre the Giant

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    Standing in at 7'5" and weighing in once at 600 lbs, Andre the Giant was one scary dude. 

    Sure, reports usually claim that he was a nice guy, but it doesn't take much to turn a nice guy into a mean machine. 

    Standing next to him must have been a terrifying experience. 


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    Like Kevin Thorn, Gangrel also had a vampire gimmick. 

    Known for spitting "blood" into the audience before his matches, Gangrel not only looks like a vampire, but has the theatrics to back him up.


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    Billed as a savage from Uganda, Kamala is a terrifying monster. 

    From his face-paint to his imposing size, Kamala looks like he is capable of eating a small child—ketchup not included. 

The Boogeyman

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    A literal incarnation of fear, the Boogeyman's antics, which included eating live worms (among other critters), were sure to scare any kid.

    Make sure to check under your bed tonight, there's no guarantee that the Boogeyman won't be hiding there.

Abdullah the Butcher

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    Known for his bloody matches, Abdullah the Butcher's scars are as impressive as they are scary.

    A master of the sanguine arts, Abdullah's matches run red—don't bring your kids to one, surely they will run away.

Paul Bearer

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    Being a real-life funeral director, every thing about Paul Bearer is scary. 

    From his creepy voice to his pale face, "Uncle Paul" (as Mankind would often call him) is not the type of person you want to sit next to on an empty subway cart. 


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    Nicknamed the Devil's favorite demon, Kane is a walking unholy act of nature.

    Having seen Kane live, there is no doubt in my mind that he must be superhuman.

    Intimidating with or without a mask, Kane is a scary man—don't bother him.

The Undertaker

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    From his theme music to his iconic glare, the Undertaker is fear incarnate.

    A living phenom, the Undertaker needs only to look into your eyes to scare away your soul.

    He might be the coolest guy in the business, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be scared of him.


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    At first glance, Doink might not seem like a scary WWE superstar, let alone the scariest WWE superstar, but don't forget Doink is a clown and all clowns are evil.

    As if his array of bad jokes weren't enough, Doink is also a wrestler—sort of. Avoid this deranged clown at all costs.

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