Test Dies: Another Wrestler Falls Due to Drugs—Never More Than a Footnote

Blue ChipCorrespondent IMarch 14, 2009

This photo was a Mugshot after a DUI. Sad to hear about yet another wrestling tragedy, as another victim falls to drugs.

This is not unusual in the pro wrestling world, but always sad to see. Test was not Hall of Fame material, he simply died at a young age. He was not pushed or given more, as it was not something he earned.

Test, who died last night, fell to drugs. Unfortunately, this is "Par for the Course," as a Wrestler, or former pro wrestler.

In the film, "The Wrestler," Mickey Rourke's character, "The Ram," was hanging on to his career. The same seems to be true for several wrestlers. As Chris Jericho says, there are many "Wrestling Tragedies."

As "The Ram" kept going, he was never able to let go of the drugs. The point of all of this is pertinent in the "Test" situation. Several wrestlers have been on drugs, then drugs, then other drugs.

In the end, Drugs are DRUGS! I know it sounds unsympathetic, but the fault is ALWAYS that of the user.

Test was also not a "stand out wrestler." Test was not someone who should have had a bigger push! Test earned what he accomplished, nothing more or less.

Frankly, Test did not really have mic skills. He was a bit "above the cut," in the ring, but that is never going to be enough.

As far as the Hall of Fame goes, this is not appropriate in the case of "Test." There was no longevity in the career. There was nothing in particular, to remember Test.

Entering Test in the Hall of fame would preclude genuine qualifications. The prerequisite to the Hall of Fame, cannot simply be dying by an overdose.

I am not saying Test was not a good person (I never knew, or met him), I am not saying this man deserved what he got, an early death, especially due to personal "demons" is never warranted.

This death will always be sad. This death was unfortunately not the first nor will it be the last end of this nature. This article may sound harsh, but romanticising the deceased is not what I do.

There were career highlights, such as The T&A tag team. There was the storyline of engagement to Stephanie Mac.

Intercontinental Champ, Tag Champ, w/ Booker T, World Tag Champ with Booker, Hardcore Champ. 2x, European Champ. The man did it.

3 drug demands/ types attracted. the job demands, some use diff. tech. #1 performance enhance. #2 rx drugs #3 good old fashioned illegal.

I know... too early

offic. autopsy= heart failure, due to roids.

if you disagree, with the article, or its content, the problems are- w/ the article, NOT ME as a person.

The style may not be your first choice, but it is not my usual style. This does not make my responsibility for this article any less. I never claimed to be a journalist! This article is listed as opinion. This is simply MY opinion.