Eagles Sign Weaver & Holt, Trade For Boldin!

Marc FisherContributor IMarch 14, 2009

As many of you, I'm a die hard Eagles fan. I've been to many of the games and can remember so many of the plays that are used as highlight fodder now... Jaws, Cunningham, Pete, Detmer, McNabb, Detmer (Koy), and Feeley. Not to mention the likes of Charmicheal, Fryar, Montgomery, Watters, Duce Staley, and Westbrook, and yes, even TO.

The defense has always been a good. There are too many names to list, the most obvious one and the most painful at the moment being Dawkins.

Which is why I wrote this article. For the first time in a long time, it seems there are more rumors about what the Eagles Offense is doing, or going to do, than talk of the Defense. True we had a big year when TO came here, but who else that year was signed? Was Spikes? Trotter left go? It's been a while, but mainly always defensive stars.

Now we're to the Offense. What excitement there has been over the possible signings at the moment. What Eagles fans would give to see Boldin in a new birds uniform. The buzz is almost deafening now, wait till he gets traded...I'd love to be in the city that day!

Bring in Torry Holt. One of the many who beat us in that NFC championship game so few years ago, it wasn't only Kurt Warner or Marshal Faulk. Would it be another great signing for the Eagles? Absolutely! A bit of Veteran experience for our younger players. Avant looks like he's going to be big this year, as will DeShaun, and a little guidance wouldn't hurt.

Go get Weaver. Do the Eagles need to shore up the short yardage game? They really lost something when LJ got hurt. He was McNabb's check-down (besides Westbrook).

I would have like to see LT come to the Eagles, but I guess he wouldn't like to split playing time with Westbrook. We need that big bruising FB. We need to be able to convert 3rd-and-2, 4th-and-short without having to go to the pass.

Watching last season, I was even calling the plays from my couch, it was so obvious that there were going to pass on those short yardage plays. If I could recognize it, I know the defensive coordinators should have no trouble spotting it.

So can the Eagles do all of these? Sure. They have over $40 million in cap space and 12 draft picks. Out of those three names, Boldin would be the only one known to cost draft picks. So we, as Eagles, could be so overwhelmingly stoked on offense. Teams would fear our O as much as our D. That would be a nice change!