What Florida State Must Pitch to Flip 4-Star DT Keith Bryant from Miami

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIIOctober 30, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

4-star defensive tackle Keith Bryant is currently committed to play for the Miami Hurricanes, but it appears as if the Florida State Seminoles may have a good shot to get him to flip over to their squad.

Matt Shodell of CaneSport.com is reporting that although Bryant is committed, FSU appears to be a pretty big interest for the D-lineman:

He says Florida State also remains high in his picture.

"Those are my two main schools," Bryant said.

He adds that "I am committed but I'll take all my visits, want to enjoy the recruiting thing."

Bryant says he'll take official visits to FSU and LSU (he's previously visited Purdue). He doesn't know yet where he'll take his final two visits but says "I'll go out to California."

Bryant adds that "Miami, I'm not going to take one there because I've been there too many times."

Bryant has some great things to say about both programs, and he also did state that there's a "good" chance that he'll stick with Miami, but there was one kicker that could end up playing a big role in his eventual decision, via Shodell's report:

A wildcard in all this could be Bryant's mother. Bryant says she is pushing him to Florida State.

"She does like Florida State, to be honest," Bryant said. "(Former Nole) Preston Parker is from my town and went there, and she's heard good things about it from him."

This could be a huge factor for Bryant—just ask No. 1 overall recruit Robert Nkemdiche how much family can impact a commitment decision—and if Florida State wants to flip the talented defensive tackle, this could be their in.

They need to pitch the importance of family, and how if he joins FSU, not only will his mother be happy, but he will then become part of their family.

Much of being a good recruiter is being able to sway over the parent(s), as in many cases they are the ones who make the ultimate decision (despite what recruits like to think).

While Florida State is certainly further than Miami would be from Delray Beach, Florida, the plus is that Bryant will still be in-state, and the prospect of playing for a team with a legitimate shot to win the ACC year-in and year-out, and perhaps more, could be enough to get Bryant on board as well.

If that doesn't do the trick the Seminoles could point to their current 8-1 record compared to Miami's 4-4 season, which includes a recent 33-20 loss to FSU.

The Seminoles could also point out that the the Hurricanes are giving up 32.4 points per game on defense, compared to just 12 points per game given up by Florida State. Sure, Bryant could go to Miami and play early, but how much better would it be to play for an accomplished defense?

He may not see the field as quick, but when he does, he'll have great players around him and a lot to play for.

Florida State is simply the better football option right now, and if it makes his mother happy, then they are the better overall option as well.

They've got the pitch that can flip Bryant.

Now they just need to make it, and make it count.

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