Be Prepared for Manchester United To Attack with a Vengeance

Shaunte ReneeContributor IMarch 14, 2009

The Red Devils were thrashed by resurgent Liverpool, 4-1.


Fernando Torres ran rampant all over the pitch today, making Nemanja Vidic and Rio look like second-rate defenders.


Stevie Gerrard was calm and cool in leading his team to victory. Even though he did pull Vidic down with him, which resulted in a harsh red card and a suspension will follow.


So why should United still be walking with their tails wagging and not stuck between their legs?


Because this was exactly what they needed to get back on track. Now it’s feeding time.


After they won the Club World Cup in December, United have been virtually impossible to beat. But they had to crack sometime. And that sometime came this afternoon.


They were killed today. Everyone is to blame for this loss. The defenders were slow to react.


The attackers couldn't get control of the ball when in front of goal. In every aspect of the game, Liverpool was the better team.


They were quicker to the ball, smarter, more decisive and they wanted it more. A lot of credit should be given to Liverpool, they played hard and were rewarded for their efforts.


The United armor has been dented. But this isn't the first time this season we've seen this play from the Red Devils. In the game against Inter Milan I saw a change in Manchester United, after that first goal by Nemanja Vidic.


They ran about the pitch like they had already won. Giving away the ball cheaply, making bad and careless decisions. The only difference about this game than that game is that Liverpool capitalized on United's mistakes, Inter did not.


Ferguson had great concern about his team's mental toughness coming into this game.


They scored first, after a silly challenge by goalkeeper Reina. Then, after that they took their foot off the pedal, which cost them dearly.


Now, the match has been lit under United to bounce back from this horrible display at the Theatre of Dreams. They will be angry, determined, and downright pissed. So if I were Fulham I'd be a little intimidated for next week's match.


Because now the lion's been let out of the cage and is ready to devour anything that dare step in its path.